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I converted to the Gravity Forms Plugin for WordPress over a year ago and since making that change, my life has changed! Well, at lest the part of it that was once frustrated with trying to figure out other form plugins and frustrated with figuring out how to make some plugins do things they weren’t really designed to do.

The Gravity Forms Plugin is a game changer! And worth having in your arsenal!

Gravity Forms as many add-ons available through their core development, as show below (as of April 2012)…

Gravity Forms Addons

However, what continues to surprise me is the availability of so many amazing add-ons for the Gravity Forms plugin that are coming from the WordPress Community. There are paid add-ons and a lot of great free add-ons as well. However, in this article, I want to point out a couple of the Gravity Form add-on plugins I use regularly (obviously all of these plugins require that you have the Gravity Forms Plugin).

1. Gravity Forms CSS Ready Class Selector

Ready Classes” were introduced in Gravity Forms 1.5. Using these new classes, you can easily create more advanced alternative layouts for the fields in your forms. Excellent idea, however, the problem is you always need to remember what the exact class name is. Now with the CSS Ready class selector, you don’t need to remember. Simply click on a button to lauch the pop-up and choose the class you want to add from the list.

adding ready classes
Where to add ready classes
Ready Classes Layouts
Layout Example

2. Gravity Forms Constant Contact Add-on

Add contacts to your Constant Contact mailing list when they submit a Gravity Forms form. This is the best plugin for integrating your Constant Contact account with Gravity Forms. This plugin makes it so easy to use Gravity Forms for email opt-in and other data gathering that you want to be integrated with Constant Contact for email marketing, social media marketing, or event marketing purposes.

Download Plugin: Gravity Forms Constant Contact Add-on

Integrating Gravity Forms and Constant Contact
Integrating the Two Plugins
Integrating your Email Marketing List
Integrating your Emailing List
Gravity Form Constant Contact Fields
Adding Constant Contact Option to Form

3. Gravity Forms + Custom Post Types

From the Developer: “Gravity forms allows you to create posts from a form using ‘post fields’. By default the submitted form will create a post, but I wanted a way to save a custom post type instead. It can be done quite easily with some php code, but I wanted it to be easier without any code at all. Now it is easy. Maybe too easy :)”

Gravity Forms Custom Post Type

4. Gravity Forms Terms of Service Field

This plugin adds a Terms of Service field that can disable the Submit button that will re-enable when the user scrolls through the Terms of Service.

Terms of Service Field

NOTE: This plugin is no longer available! See this post for more info => https://chrisegg.com/gravity-forms-terms-of-service-setup-with-conditional-logic/

Other Great Gravity Forms Add-ons

1. Gravity Forms Directory

Gravity Forms is already the easiest form plugin…now, the Gravity Forms Directory & Addons plugin turns Gravity Forms into a great directory.

2. Gravity Forms Popup Widget

A widget to add Gravity Form in dialog popup, has an option to add a delay, a position, and an introduction page.

Other Great Uses for Gravity Forms


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  1. Hi Chris I am using two gravity forms on my site to create two entry lists in the backend. Is there a plugin or an easy way to allocate and remove entries from one list to another. One list is a student list and the other is a teacher list. I want to allocate a teacher to a student when they begin lessons and be able to remove the teacher when the student has finished. With thanks, Ken.


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