Multi-Page Forms in WordPress: There’s FINALLY a Plugin for that!


For a long time there has not been a WordPress plugin that supports Multi-Page forms. In fact, in 2009 I had a huge need for this solution and was unable to locate a plugin to fill my need, so I created a solution for myself.

But there is better way!

Just the other day, I was on Twitter and saw a tweet from Cory Miller [@corymiller303] which mentioned that Gravity Forms (affilink) newest release was going to feature the Multi-Page Form capability!

I first stumbled upon Gravity Forms in 2009 when I was searching for a solution to may previously mentioned problem. At the time they did not have a solution for me, but I have since noticed Gravity Forms being talked about by tons of people. So I looked into it again and discovered that Gravity Forms is such an awesome plugin, and provides a great solution for creating and using forms on your WordPress site. And this new Multi-Page feature takes this plugin over the top for me!

I snagged this little excerpt from their blog discussing the release of version 1.5:

Multi-Page Forms

One of the most widely requested features is finally here, multi-page form capabilities. Using the new Page Break field you now have the ability split longer forms into multiple pages or steps. We have also integrated a visual paging status bar that can be used to show a progress bar or the steps involved in completing the form.

This new Multi-Page feature that Gravity Forms has added will really offer a huge advantage to anyone that needs to add these types of forms to their WordPress site!

What user level was this plugin created for?

ALL! Gravity Forms is a plugin that is easy to use no matter what level of experience you have. The beginner can easily create and manage forms, and the developer/programmer can use Gravity Forms to eliminate a lot of the work involved in creating forms. This plugin offers the basic features, but it houses a ton of power-house features to make it with using!

This video will take you on a tour of the Gravity Forms plugin:

What you need to know

Gravity Forms is not free!

I almost always try to find a plugin that is free when I promote something new that is as awesome as this new feature, but there still is no free plugin that provides this capability! Not one that I have found anyway…Do you know of one? Please share the link to the FREE plugin in the comments!

So because I could not find a free solution for this problem and because the tutorial I wrote several years ago is somewhat complex and people don’t really like it as an option, I decided to hunt down a promo code to make Gravity Forms more affordable! The promo code I found will get you 25% off at Gravity Forms.

Promotional Code: ITHEMES25

Use the code now! Get Gravity Forms (affilink)


6 thoughts on “Multi-Page Forms in WordPress: There’s FINALLY a Plugin for that!”

  1. well, obviously you didn’t research much on the subject, both Fast Secure Forms and cForms (to the very least) have had this feature for years. They’re the most used forms in WordPress, so how strange your research didn’t find them. But well… they won’t pay you

    • Well, it is true that I am an Affiliate for Gravity Forms, but that is not why I recommend this plugin. I recommend it because it is the best WordPress Plugin for creating forms, bottom line.

      When I first need a solution, it was early 2009, and none of the plugins provided support for multipage forms. Since then, I’ve tried and tested the other plugins you’ve mentioned, but I did not like them. Nothing worked as smoothly and seamlessly as Gravity Forms.

      You can hate me for being smart and making a commission for recommending a plugin that is awesome and I use every day, but I’d still only recommend this plugin even without the Affiliate commission.

      I use to recommend a bunch of different plugins that provided the same solution, some paid some free, but I realized that putting people through the headache of playing with and finding the same issues and complications I did wasn’t helpful. Providing the best solution, the one that dominates all others, is helpful!

  2. Hi Chris!

    There is a new multi-page form plugin for WordPress. BreezyForms used to be for Joomla only, but they have released a free WordPress plugin that allows you to create multi-page forms.

    • Hey Larry, thanks for the info!

      I’ve never been a fan of Joomla. But if there is a new plugin for WordPress that works as well as Gravity Forms and is free, I’m sure some people would love to know about it.

      Do you have a link to the plugin? I looked, not really hard, but did not see one…


  3. The link for Breezy Forms is https://crosstec.de/en/wordpress/wordpress-forms-download.html and I don’t link Gravity Forms cause you have to keep paying them year after year to allow the plugin to work. I expect to by a plugin and that is it. If I want updates I would hope they include them free but if not then charge me a fee that is not more than a fraction of the cost of the plugin for the update. Tahter than the full cost of the script. I will pass.

  4. Terry, thanks for the comment.

    However, I’m making the assumption that you’re not a developer and you’ve never supported anything quite like Gravity Forms.

    If that is the case, I understand your view.

    However, it’s important to understand that for $39 to $200 per year, really isn’t a lot for what you get.

    1. Unlimited support from the developers behind the code.
    2. Unlimited updates for the year.
    3. The best form plugin available for WordPress

    I would argue that there isn’t anything on the market quite like Gravity Forms.

    If you’re promoting Breezy Forms, you do realize that you have to continue to pay for updates and support right?

    And as for Gravity Forms, you can continue to use the plugin after the year mark without continuing to pay, you just don’t get updates or premium support.

    The pricing structure is brilliant if you think it through.

    Charge a nominal fee, which reduces the entry barrier, which means more people can use the plugin.

    And continue to charge that small fee each year because honestly, if the price for Gravity Forms is to expensive, then they probably don’t want your business anyway.

    Cheap clients are usually the ones that whine and complain the most!

    They could charge a one time fee, at the actual value of the plugin, up front and then a smaller fee each year for support and updates, as you would prefer. But seriously, could anyone really afford to pay upfront what the plugin is actually worth? And who would do that?

    Hopefully this helps you understand why developers have pricing models like Gravity Forms.


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