White-Label Reseller WordPress Support

Need some help supporting your client’s websites?

Are you a web designer, web agency, or IT services provider who would like some help managing and maintaining your client’s websites? Our white-label reseller program is exactly what you need!

As part of the program, we help our reseller partners implement our services into their businesses. We’ll also help you with structure, pricing, onboarding, marketing, and more.

You’ll also get a private Slack channel where you can connect with the program director directly.

Our Difference.

Expand your service offerings, not your workload.

Offer a complete solution to your client’s needs. Grow your long-term relationships and increase your ROI. Without adding to your plate.

Increase your recurring revenue.

The best business is one that generates a healthy stream of recurring revenues. It’s nice to have a steady income.

Extend your development team.

If you get stuck on a project and need help, as a partner, you now have a whole team to help get you through it.

Provide incredible support.

Now you can provide support from experienced developers. No need to hire in-house developers and project managers.

Our Process Is Simple!

Time needed: 1 day.

  1. Complete Reseller Interview

    This offers an opportunity to get any questions answered and for us to verify your business is a fit for the program.

  2. Setup Your Support Email

    All of our support is done through email. You will need to provide us with a help@yourdomain.com email address to be used in our white-label ticketing software.

  3. Enroll Your First Client

    Your partner account makes it easy and convenient to manage your subscriptions.

  4. Getting Help

    Anytime your clients need help, they simply send an email to, help@yourdomain.com and a ticket is created in our system.

Schedule Your Interview To Get Started

This is NOT a sales call. This is a very friendly call with our Reseller Program Director, designed to help answer any questions and make sure you’re a fit for the program!

All White-Label Reseller Plans


Standard WP Maintenance



Weekly Backups

Monthly WP Updates

Security Monitoring

Uptime Monitoring

Monthly Reports


WP Site Security & Support



Everything From Maintain

12 Small Tasks

Daily Backups

Security Firewall

Weekly Reports


WP Sites w/ Commerce & Membership



Everything From Complete

Daily Backups (every 6hrs)

Sales Monitoring

User Activity Tracking

Weekly Reports

All plans, auto-renew monthly at the current price. Cancel anytime. Refund policy applies.

Got Questions?

Is there a minimum for activation?

There is NO minimum number of websites required to become a reseller. You can add a new subscription in real-time as you convert your clients.

Is there a minimum retail price?

No. You can resell our support plans at whatever price you’d like. Most of our partners markup the price, but there are some that only charge their clients cost.

What is a “Small Task”

A small task is a support or change request that can be completed by our team within 30 minutes. For example, it could include a content update/change or fixing a fatal error. If a single request requires 60 minutes, that is the same as using 2 task credits.

How do my clients submit a ticket?

Support requests are done through email. You will need to provide us with an email address, help@, or support@ your domain.com. We will configure that email in our ticket system for white-label service.

How does billing work?

To keep this simple and because we’re providing a white-label service, we will bill you, you are then responsible for billing your clients.

Can I pay annually instead of monthly?

Yes. All of our service plans can be paid for annually. You will need to contact us to establish annual billing. Please review our refund policy before proceeding.

Do you do content changes?

Yes. We will make minor content updates and changes. The best use of our services, and the biggest ROI, comes from our ability to help take care of those technical issues you can’t resolve on your own.

What is your SLA?

When your clients submit a support request we typically respond to the ticket within 8 hours. Once the ticket is assigned to one of our support techs, it can take 12-48 hours to complete the request, depending on the issue.

What does 24/7 support really mean?

Most jobs are completed Monday to Friday, during business hours. However, because our team is distributed and working in different time zones, we are usually able to handle requests around the clock.

Have an unanswered question? Feel free to ask!

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