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Sales Funnel Builder – WordPress Plugins

This resource page will provide you with the best sales funnel builder WordPress plugins we’ve used and/or tested. You should always evaluate your needs against the features of these solutions and be sure to pick the one that is best for you!

WP Funnels

WP Funnels allows you to create high converting landing pages, sales funnels and checkout flows in minutes.

I believe this plugin offers the most robust WordPress solution because it has everything you need to create a complete sales funnel to sell your products & services. This is the best part about WP Funnels, it does not require that you use a third-party commerce solution like WooCommerce.

Check It Out Here!

Upsell Plugin

All the tools you need to quickly and easily create your own WordPress Sales Funnel solution! No longer do you need to bloat your website and purchase a dozen extensions or subscribe to a 3rd party SaaS solution to create powerful sales funnels on your WordPress websites!

This is another stand-alone solution that doesn’t require any third-party commerce solutions like WooCommerce. Everything you need to build powerful sales funnels is on this one plugin!

Check It Out Here!


With CartFlows you can easily turn your WooCommerce website into a selling machine using one-click sales funnels with a ready-to-use library of done for you, one-click sales funnels, that literally sell your products and services for you.

CartFlows is a great plugin. It may have been the first WordPress specific solution for creating funnels, however, the biggest disadvantage could be that it is built to integrate with WooCommerce.

I am not a huge fan of WooCommerce so I do not prefer this solution, however, it is a powerful plugin with a great set of resources.

Check It Out Here!

If you’re thinking about using CartFlows, you might be interested in this tutorial: How to Make a Sales Funnel with WordPress


WooFunnels makes the process of creating conversion-optimized opt-in pages, beautiful landing pages, flexible WooCommerce checkouts, one-click upsells, and even thank you pages a breeze.

This is another funnel builder plugin that requires that you also use WooCommerce. Depending on how you feel about Woo, that will either be an advantage or disadvantage for you.

WooFunnels is packed with a ton of features. Including done-for-you templates and A/B testing, which is crucial for running successful funnels.

Check It Out Here!

Non-WordPress Funnel Builders:

You might be asking, why would I want to use a Funnel Builder solution that is not a WordPress solution?

While the solutions below are independent software applications, they can each be integrated with WordPress making it possible to promote your funnels from your WordPress blog.


ChickFunnels is a drag-and-drop funnel builder. The nice thing about ClickFunnels is that it cuts out all the fluff. But it gives you everything you need to build amazing sales funnels without the confusion and distractions.

One of the things I love most about the ClickFunnels software is the available templates and resources to help you get started with not only building your funnel but strategizing and making money with your funnels.

Check It Out Here!

ClickFunnels offers a 14-day free trial!


Kartra is a full-featured software platform much like ClickFunnels, however, Kartra has taken the feature set quite a bit further! Instead of just being a website/sales funnel builder platform, Kartra is literally all the software applications you need to run a successful online business wrapped up in one place.

The thing I like the most about Kartra is how much automation there is built into their platform. You can build a fully automated business that lets you sit back and manage your cashflow.

Check It Out Here!

Kartra offers a 14-day free trial!


Shopping cart software made easy

SamCart is the first (and only) direct-to-consumer eCommerce platform. It’s built to sell products, not brands. An eCommerce storefront that isn’t focused on the catalog gives your potential customers an easier buying experience, which increases your sales, maximizes the value of every customer, and simplifies your business at the same time. Want proof? Our users made 2X more than the average business using the other platforms.

SamCart is great for selling digital and physical products, but it’s also great for selling your services.

Check Out The Demo Here!

SamCart offers a 14-day free trial!


ThriveCart is basically a shopping cart solution. You can not build a full website like you can with some of the other solutions, however, their sales funnel features are top of the line making it easy to upsell, downsell, crossell, and overall increase your average cart value.

This solution works great if you want to start the sales process on your WordPress website, then send your visitors to a secure checkout page, hosted by ThriveCart, to complete the funnel process and their order.

Check It Out Here!

Currently offering a “Lifetime Account” with a savings of $2300 (code: VIP1TIMEPRO)

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