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How to accept one-time and recurring payments on your WordPress site

No setting up a shopping cart and no code required.

This course teaches you how to use one, very simple to use, plugin to start accepting subscription and product-based purchases from your website. You don’t have to use any commerce plugins or bulky plugins with unnecessary features. We will be using WP Simple Pay Pro plugin and a free Stripe account.

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Module 1: Getting Started

In this module, we review the entire course and discuss whether or not the course is right for you.

Module Notes:

Module 2: Plugin Setup Part 1

In this module, I’ll walk you through step-by-step installing and completing the initial setup of the plugin. We’ll do a walk-through or demo of the plugin in use and what the end result looks like.

Module Notes:

Module 3: Stripe Setup Intro

This video is a simple introduction to Module 3 and what we will cover in the next 4 videos.

Module Notes:

Module 3: Stripe Walkthrough

In this video, I will walk you through the Stripe account to help you get orientated with their interface.

Module Notes:

Module 3: Stripe Account Setup

In this video, I go over the setup of the account branding, emails, how to use the test account, and where to find the API keys which you will need in Module 4.

Module Notes:

Module 3: Physical Product Setup

In this video, I’ll show you how to create physical products with the WP Simple Pay plugin, this is not done in Stripe (in this case). Ideally, these will be simple products. In the example, I use an ebook as an example.

Module Notes:

Module 3: Stripe Subscription Setup

In this video, we’ll set up the subscription “products” in Stripe. In module 4 we will connect the subscription products in Stripe with the WP Simple Pay plugin.

Module Notes:

Module 4: Plugin Setup Part 2

This video is an overview of what we will cover in the next 2 videos in Module 4.

Module Notes:

Module 4: Integrating Plugin with Stripe

In this video, we will use the Stripe API keys to connect the WP Simple Pay plugin and the Stripe account.

Module Notes:

Module 4: Adding Subscriptions to the Plugin

In this video, we will set up the WP Simple Pay plugin with the subscription products we created in Module 3. Now we can start making money.

Module Notes:

Module 5: Managing Subscriptions

This module is a bonus. When you’re signing up customers and doing subscriptions, you’ll need to manage those customers and their subscriptions. By default WP Simple Pay does not provide the ability to do this from the plugin, but Stripe has everything you need. So in this module I show you how to use Stripe to manage your customers and subscriptions.

Module Notes:

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