Scope of Support

Below is an outline of our scope of support, the tasks that are and are not covered by our Support Plans or when ordering a One Time Fix

WordPress Issues

  • Troubleshoot and fix theme errors in WordPress
  • Troubleshoot and fix WordPress plugin errors
  • Troubleshoot and fix WordPress contact form errors
  • Fix WordPress database connection strings
  • Unable to log in to WordPress
  • Troubleshoot and fix WordPress image issues
  • Troubleshoot and fix a media upload error in WordPress
  • Troubleshoot and fix 404 error, broken links, or redirect issues
  • Troubleshoot and fix WordPress core file errors
  • Troubleshoot and fix a WordPress White Screen of Death
  • Troubleshoot and fix a WordPress internal server error

WP Maintenance

  • Install, change or update a theme
  • Install, activate or update a plugin
  • Optimize WordPress database
  • Remove bulk comments in WordPress
  • Optimize images in WordPress
  • Preventing WordPress comment spam
  • Remove and clean out comment spam
  • Update WordPress to a new version
  • Improve WordPress security
  • Install and configure a caching plugin
  • Provide a backup of your website

WP Management

  • Setup WordPress redirects
  • WordPress config file changes
  • Update, activate or reset WordPress permalinks
  • Setup Google Analytics
  • Install a comment system in WordPress
  • Unzip a zip file
  • Import or export WordPress database
  • Move or Copy WordPress files to another folder
  • Install WordPress
  • Create and activate a child theme in WordPress
  • Database find and replace
  • Change the domain in WordPress
  • Modify or configure DNS settings
  • Configure and install an SSL certificate

Not Supported

  • Phone support
  • Sites containing explicit contents
  • Recover a hacked site (click here)
  • Clean up malware (click here)
  • Site migration between hosts (click here)
  • Build a new site (click here)
  • Set up a theme for specific pages
  • Update a highly customized theme
  • Remove theme customizations
  • Research previous theme customizations
  • Transfer a non-WP site to WordPress
  • Design work
  • Sites hosted by
  • Add custom functionality to a plugin
  • Add individual products for WooCommerce
  • Update customized WooCommerce
  • Boost page ranks
  • Building site backlinks
  • Increasing site traffic
  • SEO
  • Paid marketing
  • Create a plugin
  • Create images
  • Payment gateway configuration
  • Create a Google Plus business listing
  • Set up email accounts

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