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Can WooCommerce and Stripe Increase Conversions?

Last week I got an email from WooCommerce about the “complete payments platform, engineered for growth”.

Their suggestion is that you can increase conversions by using Stripe and WooCommerce.

Best part about this solution is WooCommerce and the Stripe add-on are free plugins.

My problem with this email and the “suggestion”, is that just by adding WooCommerce and Stripe you are not necessarily going to “increase your conversions”.

Now, if you don’t currently offer online payments or an online store, then yes, adding that ability to your website would increase your conversions.

So What Am I Recommending?

While WooCommerce is great when you have robust offering, and need to support lots of products with several different options and varieties, it’s not the easiest to setup and start using.

I’m a huge fan of WP Simple Pay, it’s an awesome plugin that only integrates with Stripe.

In fact, it’s what we use 98% of the time.

If you’d like a step-by-step course for setting up and using WP Simple Pay, you can go through our FREE course here.

But … Let’s Talk About Conversions

Generally, conversions, or lack there of, are a result of your message and how it connects to your ideal customer.

So, if you have a lack of conversions, that is unlikely to change just by using a different payment plugin.

First you need to make sure you know who your ideal customers are, and know how to talk to them.

Even the most difficult to use websites, don’t keep the right buyers from figuring it out!

How To Fix Conversions

Like I said above, the key is to know your ideal customer and understand how to communicate with them.

Knowing what they want and making sure you are able to help them understand how your solution will solve their problem is key to conversions.

The best resource I’ve used to learn how to do that is through this FREE book, Expert Secrets (just pay shipping). Which was just updated and rereleased for pre-orders here (audio book available at time of purchase).

If you want to get started now, I recommend listing to this live training, by the author, it will help you better understand the whole book and how to get started today!

The Wrap Up

So many people think the platform is the thing that is going to change their conversions or the thing that is going to make them more money!

Listen closely … Platforms are tools!

You should have the right platform, it should be easy to use, but you need to know who your customers are, where they are, and have great hooks, and offers to really improve your conversions.

Don’t wait, get your copy of Expert Secrets now (it’s free, just cover shipping)!

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