Easily create professional sales pages, squeeze pages, membership sites, and product launch funnels


Do you need to create a sales page for your PSI (product, service or information)?

Maybe you need a squeeze page to capture information and build a subscriber list.

Better yet, are you preparing to launch a new product into the marketplace?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to seriously consider the two solutions I recommend in this article.

I have been developing and designing these types of pages and sites for four years and I have never seen anything as amazing as these two solutions.

#1 Reason you should use one of these options:

You don’t need any technical or website design experience!

Option One: OptimizePress

OptimizePress (afflink) is a WordPress theme developed specifically for the creation and development of sales pages, squeeze pages, membership sites, and product launch funnels. I have used and evaluated several themes of the years, but I have never seen or used anything as complete and effective as OptimizePress. I could spend an hour trying to explain to you all the benefits and ways of using OptimizePress, so I think the best option is to watch this video.

You don’t need to be a technical genius, and you certainly don’t need a graphics degree to create amazing looking and high converting pages with OptimizePress. We have literally leveled the playing field when it comes to Internet Marketing page creation tools, there is nothing on the market which is even half as powerful as this theme.

Requirements for using OptimizePress

  • Self-hosted WordPress 3.0+ site
  • OptimizePress Theme
  • Basic knowledge of the WordPress Platform (easy to learn, there are hundreds of free tutorials)

IMPORTANT NOTE: OptimizePress will not work on WordPress.com, WPMU, or WPMS networks.

Option Two: Premise

Premise is a WordPress plugin developed specifically for the creation and development of sales pages, squeeze pages, pricing tables, video pages, and SEO content pages. Premise goes beyond just providing a simple to use design tool, it does something no other plugin does. It will assist you with writing your copy for more conversions and optimizing your copy for SEO. As you create your pages it will give you suggestions and tips for improving your copy. For all the details visit the Premise website here.

Requirements for using Premise

  • Self-hosted WordPress 3.0+ site
  • Premise Plugin
  • Basic knowledge of the WordPress Platform (easy to learn, there are hundreds of free tutorials)

Which one would I choose?

Unfortunately the answer is not that simple. OptimizePress has one huge disadvantage, it is not compatible with WordPress Multisite (WPMS), and most of my sites are built-in WPMS. Premise has an advantage because it is a plugin which means it is compatible with most if not all WordPress themes. Where as OptimizePress is a WordPress theme.

I would use OptimizePress exclusively if it was compatible with WPMS!

  • Another alternative that works well is to use the plugsin shortcodes deluxe (www.shortcodesdeluxe.com) with yoothemes. Shortcodes deluxe gives you all the sales page graphics. Youthemes are an awesome set of wordpress themese. A patch is needed for yoothemes to save the theme options to the database. The patch is available on their support forms. The widgetkit that comes with yoothemes is amazing. I am using shortcodes deluxe and yoothemes for my sales page on my site. I am running my sites on wpengine with multisite. 6 second page load times. Gotta love it. (My optimize press and marketer cms are collecting dust)

    • Chris Eggleston says:

      Ken, thanks for the information! I was talking to an associate of mine just yesterday and he too introduced me to yoothemes.

      I’m a big fan of Copyblogger and all they do for the WordPress community by developing amazing themes and plugins. That is why, I recommend Premise now (https://bit.ly/JpYlOL)! It is an awesome plugin that works similar to your suggest of shorcodesdeluxe.

      Thanks again for leaving your advice, it’s much appreciated!


      • I was going to buy premise until I found out it didn’t work with word press multisite. with the new membership features included with it, it would be a nice to use with my plans to create a membership site for my business. I am going to use wishlist member for the membership site. WPEngine says they use it and it works with multisite.

        • Chris Eggleston says:

          You mean you can not use the membership feature across a multisite setup? The plugin itself works in a multisite environment.

          Yes, Wishlist Member (https://wpmantis.com/go/wishlist/) is a fantastic membership plugin, I use that one myself for more complex membership sites.


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