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eCommerce and WordPress: There’s a plugin for that!

Actually, there are a lot of plugins for creating WordPress e-Commerce sites. There are also many WordPress themes that turn your WordPress site into a complete e-commerce solution. However, in this post I wont discuss any of the available themes.

I want to share with you 3 of the plugins I have used and why I like them. There are many free e-Commerce plugins available that may work, but after trying many of them, and running into problems with processing, I determined I rather spend a few dollars on a plugin that I know works and avoid the risk of not getting paid because a free plugin didn’t work. Another concern I had is, frustrated customers. I wanted to be sure that my shopping cart and checkout process worked smoothly. I am also very conscious about securing my customers privet information, I was not willing to risk it!

The 3 plugins I want to introduce you to have different advantages depending on your needs and given situation. I’ll provide a little insight why and what situations would help me decide which plugin to use.

  1. WP eStore (by Tips & Tricks HQ)
  2. WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin (by tribulant)
  3. WP e-Commerce (by Instinct Entertainment)

1. WP eStore

First off, I must say, Tips & Tricks HQ does an awesome job of developing easy to use plugins that are so powerful!

Plugin Summary

In a Nutshell, this sleek WordPress shopping cart plugin allows you to sell any form of digital products and services from your own WordPress blog securely with complete automation. What I mean by complete automation is that once you set it up the whole process (The buying and the delivering of the product without revealing the real URL of the product) works on its own.

What would dictate me using this plugin?

First, the customers budget! This plugin is very affordable at only $49.95. I would use this plugin, for a site that was going to sell a lot of digital products; audio, video, eBooks, etc. Selling music or audio is great with this plugin, because you can set it up to play an audio preview. You can also sell physical products with this plugin. Because this plugin is developed so well and so advanced, we have been able to provide custom development for clients so they can use this plugin to sell their physical goods that are distributed through a fulfillment company. The plugin does all the work!

This plugin has a huge list of features and integrates with a few of the most frequently used payment gateways.

As a side note, Tips & Tricks HQ also has other plugins that integrate seamlessly with this one like the, PDF Stamper, that is great if you are selling eBooks of any sort. The PDF Stamper places the purchasers personal information in the footer of the PDF so they are less likely to pass it out to the world.

Plugin Features

Below are just some of the notable features of the WP eStore Plugin:

  • Security of Your Digital Asset
  • Amazon S3 Integration
  • Easy Checkout
  • Ease of Design and Usage
  • Autoresponder Integration
  • NextGen Gallery Integration
  • Affiliate Software Integration
  • Light Weight Shopping Cart
  • Pay Per View Content
  • Multi Site License
  • Detailed Documentation
  • Great Support

Payment Gateways:

  • PayPal
  • 2Checkout
  • Manual Payments

Extras Payment Gateway Bundle ($35.00)

  • PayPal Pro
  • Google Checkout
  • ARM
  • SagePay

2. WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin

This plugin is new to me, but has become a favorite! It is very advanced and offers many features that are lacking in many e-Commerce plugins. I like this plugin so well, I am currently using it for 3 projects! Before I found this plugin, I would have spent lots of time and money customizing plugins to provide the features my clients need. This plugin is still very reasonably priced, $54.99 (single license) $274.95 (developer license).

Plugin Summary

The WordPress Shopping Cart plugin gives you the ability to quickly and seamlessly integrate an online shop with a fully functional shopping cart into any WordPress website. You can start selling any types of products and/or services online with very little effort!

What would dictate me using this plugin?

We use this plugin when we need a heavy-duty e-commerce solution. This plugin offers more payment gateways and shipping modules than any other WordPress e-commerce plugin I’ve seen. Another great reason to use this plugin is for Affiliate, Wholesale, Drop-shiped shopping carts. If you or your clients sells products they do not inventory or fulfill themselves this plugins has a built-in system for setting up supplier accounts and it even notifies the supplier, via email, of the purchase. We have done some custom development to this plugin as well that enhance the supplier feature and makes managing and paying suppliers much easier and automatic.

Plugin Features

  • Product Categories
  • Multiple Products
  • Affiliate Products
  • Image Galleries
  • Digital Downloads (MP3s,PDFs)
  • Product Styles/Swatches
  • Discount Coupon Codes
  • Pricing Tiers/Levels
  • Minimum Order Setting
  • Ajax Powered Features
  • Custom Dynamic Fields
  • Product Suppliers
  • Buy Now Mode
  • Multiple Shipping Methods
  • Content Tabs
  • Tax/Vat Calculation
  • Weight Based Shipping
  • Products Inventory
  • Favorite Products
  • PDF Invoices
  • Supplier Login

Multiple Payment Methods

  • PayPal Gateway
  • PayPal Surcharge
  • MoneyBookers Gateway
  • Google Checkout Gateway
  • 2CheckOut Gateway
  • Virtual Merchant Gateway
  • Bank Wire
  • Manual Payments
  • Credit Card (POS)
  • Gateway
  • Realex Payments Gateway
  • Ogone PSP Gateway
  • PayGate Payment Gateway
  • PayPal Website Payments Pro
  • eMatters Gateway
  • eWay payment method

3. WP E-Commerce

This plugin is quite possibly the most advanced and complex WordPress e-Commerce plugins available. This plugin is free, but for many of the amazing features you have to purchase “Premium Upgrades”. Which are priced anywhere from $10 to $195. When all is said and done, this could be the most expensive option on this list. One additional benefit to this plugin is the community involved in making this plugin as awesome as it is. Many WordPress developers, develop plugins to “Extend” for this plugin.

Plugin Summary
An industrial strength WordPress Plugin for selling digital and tangible goods online, it is a shop owners dream, and has been worked on by some of the best WordPress developers in the world. The WP e-Commerce Plugin has been proven over and over to be the most powerful, matured, and industry relevant WordPress e-Commerce Plugin in the world.

What would dictate me using this plugin?

If I needed an even more heavy-duty plugin then what the WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin could provide I would use this plugin. However, if I was going to use this plugin, I would use my developers and the community to build an awesome WordPress e-Commerce site.

Plugin Features

  • Flexible coupon/discount pricing rules
  • Product specific sales
  • Quantity discounts
  • Free shipping options
  • Multi-tier pricing for quantity discounts.
  • New Products widget
  • Cross-sells on product pages
  • Uses the popular “Share This” button
  • Integrates with Facebook Marketplace
  • Integrates with Google Base
  • One-Page Checkout
  • SSL security support
  • Fully customizable checkout page
  • Admin dashboard for sales overview
  • Export orders and customers into CSV formats
  • Email notifications of orders
  • Print invoices and packing slips
  • Catalog Management
  • Ability to duplicate products
  • Batch import/export of catalog
  • Support for donations
  • Customer Personalized Products
  • Support for Special Prices
  • Tax rates per location
  • Basic inventory control
  • Catalog Browsing
  • Product comments
  • Live updating shopping cart
  • 100% Customizable

Multiple Payment Methods

  • Manual Payment (checks/money orders) (included)
  • PayPal Payments Standard (included)
  • PayPal Payments Pro (included)
  • PayPal Express Checkout (included)
  • Google Checkout – Level 2 integration (included)
  • Chronopay (included)
  • PayPal Payflow Pro (available with Gold Cart)
  • (available with Gold Cart)
  • FirstData/LinkPoint (available with Gold Cart)
  • eWay Payment (available with Gold Cart)
  • iDEAL (available with Gold Cart)
  • BluePay (available with Gold Cart)
  • DPS (available with Gold Cart)
  • Paystation (available with Gold Cart)
  • SagePay (available with Gold Cart)
  • If you still aren’t happy, we provide you with the necessary info to write your payment gateway

Need help building an e-Commerce WordPress site? Contact me for a quote and we’ll develop it for you! Or tell you which plugin you should use for your specific project!

0 thoughts on “eCommerce and WordPress: There’s a plugin for that!”

  1. Hi Christopher,
    It would be nice to know your opinion about TheCartPress. It is a new 2011 plugin.
    To sure flexibility and scalability in the same way as WordPress it is natively Integrated with WordPress 3+. It takes all of the advanced new WordPress 3 features. Then is Compatible with WordPress plugins many.

    PD: many of the most popular plugins and so “olds” can´t take advanced of the new and coming WordPress fearures or at less they would adapt, and this always is a problem because the core is designed when there wasn´t WordPress 3.0
    Thanks in advanced

    Best Regards

  2. Hi Chris,

    I see/read that you have a lot of experience with plugins within WordPress. Could you advice me on a plugin which handles the selling of my software product. What i would like to have is a plugin which offers the software to my existing and new customers. After payment i would like to sent the a license file to activiate the software.

    I have searched for such a pluging, perhaps you know something ??

    Best regards, Marcel

    • Hi again Mercel,

      I do not know of one off the top of my head. And I have not used one like that in the past. I know a couple companies that use WP and have a system like the one you are looking for, I’ll check with them.

      Do you need the client to be able to manage their licenses from a client login? Or do you just want to send the client a licensee file that they download.

      More details would be helpful…you post them here or email me,

      – Chris


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