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How to fix mixed content in Elementor built websites

In this article, you’ll learn (in 2 steps) how to fixed mixed content caused when adding an SSL or https to websites built with the Elementor WordPress plugin.

Most page builders have this issue. And if you’re a web developer or designer building sites for clients, you often use a development domain before migrating the site to your clients hosting and domain.

In which case, these WordPress page builder plugins store those URLs throughout the different pages and in most cases makes it difficult to replace those URLs with a typical Database Search and Replace plugin.

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Another Reason To Use Elementor

They have made this so simple. The solution is built into the Elementor plugin.

Which means you don’t have to mess with database search and replace and avoid the risk of blowing up your site!

PRO TIP: Be sure to backup your website first! Files and database, or what is known as a full backup.

Here Are The Steps

#1 Replace URLs

Elementor => Tools => Replace URL

Then enter the old URL and the new URL.

Elementor SSL Mixed Content

For example, if you built the site on a temporary URL like,, that would be the “ below, and if you are wanting to use a custom domain like,, that would be the “” below.

You want to be aware of the http protocol as well. If your dev site didn’t have an SSL, but your new site does, be sure to use the proper http/https.

In some cases you may need to do this for a couple different “”.

Let me explain. Let’s say you built the site at, then migrated to WP Engine on a temp URL,, then switched to You will want to do this twice for both of the temporary domains.

#2 Regenerate Files

Still in Elementor => Tools, just switch from the “Replace URL” tab to “General” tab.

Fix Mixed Content Elementor

After you have changed the URLs in the first step, you will want to click “Regenerate Files” as shown below.

This will update URLs through out all the files Elementor creates during the build process, i.e the CSS (style sheet).

The Wrap Up

That is it! You should see that you have the green padlock now and no more warning about some content not being secure.

If this did not work for you, feel free to use the chat or comments for additional help.

Done-For-You Service

Want us to fix it for you!? If you don’t want to waste time with these tech issues, we’re happy to do-it-for-you! You can feel confident knowing you’ve got an expert fixing it for you!

8 thoughts on “How to fix mixed content in Elementor built websites”

  1. Hi, I have a problem. When I click “Replace URL,” it says “0 rows affected” and that means no URL change. The site is still “Not secure”

    • Fahad, thanks for reaching out.

      Sounds like there might be some other issues possibly.

      If you’d like us to get this resolved for you, please order a one time fix,


  2. Hey Chris,

    Thanks for this post. Recently we built one website using elementor plugin and had mixed content issue. Finally, this post helped to fix. Thank you so much.

  3. Hello I have followed all the steps but the issue is that once I load the website I’m missing some of my pics on my website. My website was build by developer who won’t install the ssl for me so I have to do it myself. How can do this and get the pad lock without losing my website please

    • Thanks for reaching out…

      We can get the ssl installed and the issue resolved for you. You would just need to order a One Time Fix.

      It could be that those images are pulling from a dev server or some other location. They could be caught up in a cached server. Hard to know without being able to view your site.

      If you want to order the fix we can get this resolved, if you want to share your url and let us know what images are broken, I can take a quick look and see if I can point you in the right direction.



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