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iThemes New WordPress Membership Plugin

iThemes has acquired the Restrict Content Pro WordPress membership plugin from Sandhills Development and if you’re currently an iThemes Plugin Suite member, you have instant access to the new membership plugin.

What Is Restrict Content Pro?

This is probably the most robust WordPress membership plugins available today. Like every premium plugin, this one also has several add-ons to support advanced features and integration with third party solutions.

What I really like about this membership plugin is how robust the core plugin is. Which simply means, you do NOT need to add additional add-ons for simple features like payment processing with Stripe, or WooCommerce integration (I explain more in the video below).

This is a list of key core features:

  • Customer Dashboard
  • Membership Levels
  • Prorated Upgrades & Downgrades
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • Builtin Payment Processing (all most popular)
  • Data Export
  • Discount Codes
  • Member Emails
  • Membership Management
  • Reports
  • Member Approval

I’ll explain each of these features in this video:

Checkout iThemes Plugin Suite

WordPress Membership Plugin Demo

One of the things that helps me make a decision about which plugin I’m going to buy, is how easy it is to use and how well it integrates with the WordPress admin.

Which is why I wanted to do a walk through of the plugin from the WP admin and show you how clean and easy to use this WordPress Membership Plugin is.

Checkout iThemes Plugin Suite

Who Should Use Restrict Content Pro?

As you can see from the video above, the plugin itself is pretty easy to use! There’s not much difficulty in setting it up or configuring it to fit your needs.

If you fit into any of these categories (this is not a complete list), you will want to seriously consider this WordPress Membership plugin from iThemes.

  • Paid & Free Courses
  • Restrict Access to Blog Post
  • Private Community (i.e Facebook Group)
  • Paid Blog Network (requires multisite)
  • “Club” Membership (digital or physical)
  • Paid & Free Job Boards
  • Support Memberships
  • Digital Magazine / News Subscriptions
  • Organization / Group Accounts
  • Sell Access to Digital Products

Why iThemes Plugin Suite is a Killer Deal!

Bottom line, there are a couple of things you’re going to want to have when you run a membership site of any kind.

  1. Security
  2. Peace of Mind


You’re going to be collecting customer data and creating user accounts. There are a lot of privacy and data security requirements which can add some risk for you.

With the plugin suite, you are also going to get access to iThemes Security Pro.

With this security plugin you can reduce your risk quite a bit, and lock down your website nice and tight. Protecting your business and your customers data.

Peace of Mind

Another concern when running an online business is making sure you don’t lose data or your entire site.

With the plugin suite, you will also get access to iThemes BackupBuddy and Stash storage.

Backupbuddy will do incremental backups every hour on a schedule. That way you never lose a sale, if something were to happen to your site.

You lose your site you lose your business.

iThemes WordPress Membership Plugin Add-Ons

As promised, I said I would do a video discussing the available add-ons for the Restrict Content Pro plugin.

These videos are a quick walk through of the add-ons just to give you a glimpse of what is possible with this membership plugin.

Official Add-ons

Third Party Add-ons

The Wrap Up

If you’re wanting to build a membership site or build an online recurring business selling digital goods or access to courses, you should use Restrict Content Pro!

We originally used Easy Digital Downloads for our client portal site, however, we are currently working to build another membership site for free courses, and we have decided to use Restrict Content Pro.

The plugin is simple and perfectly developed to accomplish exactly one purpose, to build membership websites.

I recommend you take advantage of this limited (~30 day) offer to get grandfathered in at the low price for the iThemes Plugin Suite before the price goes up on October 1st!

If you buy the Plugin Suite and decided you don’t want to use it. They have a 30 day money back guarantee, and iThemes is a very respected and trustworthy company.

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