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Nexcess StoreBuilder Review

I reviewed the Nexcess StoreBuilder when they first launched it, earlier in 2021 (I think), but I was so disappointed that I never wrote my review.

A few days ago I got an email about the StoreBuilder and it hinted at some new features so I decided to give it another look.

This time, I felt the review was worth publishing!

Video Overview

This video is a review of the Nexcess StoreBuilder and the pros and cons as I see it. I will address the market segments I believe this product is a fit for, and explain why.

I’ll also show you how to make the most out of the automated StoreBuilder. There are a couple of issues that could result in a negative experience.

Mentioned in the Video

Video Outline

These are summaries of the things I talk about in the video. If you want the details, be sure to watch the video.

The Good Stuff (pros)

  1. Custom WP Dashboard and Menu

I feel like this custom dashboard and menu are a great way to improve the user experience and reduce the potential overwhelm.

  1. Kadence WP Theme & Plugins

With Kadence WP the StoreBuilder has a way to build out a really awesome site with a beautiful design, so you don’t have to worry about that. Once the StoreBuilder is done doing it’s thing, you will only need to swap out the demo content with your own.

Learn more about Kadence Theme and Kadence Blocks.

  1. Sales & Performance Monitor

You can read my review of these Nexcess exclusive features in this article, but the bottom line these two features will help you make more money from your online store.

  1. WP 101 Tutorials

They’ve included the WooCommerce video tutorials from WP 101, which is great because WooCommerce can be a bear, and quite overwhelming, so this should be extremely helpful to the end-user.

I am slightly disappointed that they did not also include the WP 101 WordPress tutorials. I believe these would also be beneficial for who I believe is the ideal user (more on that below).

  1. Nexcess Hosting Platform

The Nexcess hosting platform is at the top of a long list of Managed WordPress Hosting providers. I have been very impressed by their platform, and have complete confidence in their services. You can’t go wrong hosting your site with Nexcess.

You can learn more about Nexcess hosting in this article.

  1. Premium Plugins

Nexcess has added a few premium plugins like iThemes Security, Abandoned Cart by Jilt, AffiliateWP, and others.

The Not Good Stuff (cons)

This is a shortlist, there are only two things to mention and neither one is a deal-breaker. These were things that didn’t meet my expectations

  1. Initial website design sucks if you don’t complete the intake questions right.

I demonstrate this at the end of the video (m32:55), but I tested setting up this product twice to verify.

There is a question in the StoreBuilder Wizard, What kind of content do you already have developed?, that if you do not select any option, your site homepage will look like this:

A single hero section. But if you select that you have content developed it will build out a much more attractive site like this:

I would recommend that you check all the boxes, even if you haven’t created any content yet.

And if you decide not to make any selections, improving the design is relatively easy with the pre-built templates provided by the Kadence Blocks plugin:

  1. There are no IconicWP plugins included.

I was disappointed that they did not include the WooCommerce plugins from IconicWP which is also a Liquid Web brand. At the very least they could add them to the page to improve the user experience by making it easier for the user to find more tools that can help increase their sales.

Market Segments – Who Should Use It

I don’t think this platform is ideal for everyone, but there are a few types of people that I think can really benefit from a partially done-for-you automated platform.

  1. Beginners

These would be people that are new to either WordPress or WooCommerce or both and need a little extra hand holdig.

  1. Quick Launchers

These would be people who are familiar with WordPress and/or WooCommerce but just need to launch a new product site quickly and want to cut out some of the installing and setup.

  1. Site Builders

If you’re a professional site builder, you might find this platform beneficial in helping to reduce the tedious setup process.

When I use to build sites as a freelancer, I employed an assistant whose sole job was to handle the initial site setup; installing WP, plugins, etc…. Nexcess’ StoreBuilder would fill the need for an assistant.


At the time of this review, Nexcess is running two promotions.

  1. 30 Days Free

If you’re wanting to give StoreBuilder a trial run, the 30-day free promotion is likely the best option.

  1. 30% Off 4 Months

If you’re ready to jump in with StoreBuilder and commit to using it, you might want to take advantage of the longer-term promotion. You will need to change the promo code at checkout to 30OFF4MONTHS.

=> Get Started Here <=

The Wrap Up

Overall I was pleased by the Nexcess StoreBuilder platform. It is a great start and will benefit the ideal user.

There is obviously some room for improvement, but I’m sure we will see the platform continue to improve as time goes on.

If you’re at all interested in giving the Nexcess StoreBuilder a try, I suggest doing it now while they’re offering their free 30 days.

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