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WordPress and ClickFunnels Integration

I absolutely love using ClickFunnels for landing pages, optins pages, sales funnels and a lot of other things. However, I also like brand consistency and to make it easy for people to find my pages without having to remember another URL.

So, when I discovered your could use WordPress and ClickFunnels integration through a plugin I was stoked!

Here’s how it works.

It makes it possible to load your ClickFunnels pages from your WordPress website URL.

This way you can build out your ClickFunnels pages with the same branding and style of your WordPress site and share your funnel pages with a familiar url.

Here is an example of one of mine (notice the url):

WordPress ClickFunnels Integration…First steps…

First step is to build out your funnels in ClickFunnels so that when you connect your API it can pull the page content over to your WP site.

Then you’re going to need to get your ClickFunnels (CF) profile email address and API.

Finding your CF API

Once logged into your CF account, click on account in the top right nav bar to display the screen below.

ClickFunnels WordPress API

How to set up the plugin.

I’m not going to show you how to find and install the WordPress plugin, but you’d want to do that before trying to complete these steps below.

Connecting to the ClickFunnels API

  1. Enter your ClickFunnels profile email address
  2. Enter your ClickFunnels API
  3. Click “Save Settings”

WordPress ClickFunnels Integration

Open the Compatibility Check tab

I want you to do this just to make sure your hosting is configured to support the plugin so that the next steps actually work.

Just make sure you’ve got green boxes like the screen below.

ClickFunnels WordPress Plugin

How to setup your ClickFunnel pages in WordPress.

This is the final steps to making this integration work!!

After clicking “Add New” in the left sidebar menu follow these simple steps.

  1. Choose the type of page (“Regular” is all I ever use)
  2. Choose the funnel you want to pull a page from
  3. Choose the “Step” of page of that funnel you want to display on your site
  4. Create your slug, or what the full URL will be for this funnel page on your WP site
  5. Click “save Page” and check the page to make sure it’s working

That’s it, you’re all done!

WordPress Plugin for Click Funnels

If you have any issues with the plugin or ClickFunnels, be sure to reach out to their support, you are welcome to leave any questions in the comments and I will help where I can.

8 thoughts on “WordPress and ClickFunnels Integration”

  1. Is it possible to have a hybrid of wordpress and click funnel pages? For example the home page being a clickfunnel page and the inner pages being wordpress?

    • Yes, it is possible, in step one where it says page type choose home page instead of regular page and you will have a home page made by using CF and you can create normal articles using WordPress.

  2. Do you know of any reason wordpress would say there is a failed API connection with clickfunnels when the email address and API key are correct? It’s blowing my mind.

  3. I’m trying to swap out a current page with a clickfunnels landing page so I can turn the current page into a lead magnet. Is there a way to do this without redirecting it? If not, how would I go about overriding the current URL with this landing page?

    • If you already have an existing page and you want to replace that page with a ClickFunnels page you do not have to do any redirects. When setting up your page in the ClickFunnels plugin just be sure to enter the same slug as the existing page. ClickFunnels will then take over control of that url and all traffic will see the Click Funnels page.



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