WordPress for Event Ticketing: There’s a plugin for that!


Most people use Eventbrite when they need to sell tickets for an event; and the great thing about Eventbrite is the fact that it is easy to use and has third-party support and management.  But when you start adding third-party services you also start increasing the cost.

Last week I discovered a better solution and it’s FREE! The biggest benefit to using this WordPress solution is that you stay in control of you event tickets. Oh, and one other benefit, 9seeds offers support for this plugin!

The solution requires three things;

  1. WordPress
  2. The 9seeds plugin “WP Event Ticketing
  3. PayPal Account

This plugin is brilliant!  Easy to set up, easy to manage and easy to use for both you and the attendee.  Here is a list of the features that  the “WP Event Ticketing” plugin offers;

  • Collect payments via paypal.
  • Set total attendance limit.
  • Multiple ticket types. For example, ticket type A includes a t-shirt while ticket type B2 does not.
  • Custom ticket options. This allows you to decide what information you want ticket purchasers to provide. For example, name, address, shirt size, twitter handle, etc…
  • Create ticket packages. For example, early bird specials. Ticket packages can be used to give a discount to people who place their order during a certain time.
  • Create coupons to give discounts to individuals.
  • Send email to purchaser upon order completion.
  • Reporting page shows total sales and income broken down by package, coupons used and tickets sold.
  • Export attendee data to a CSV file.

I was going to do a video to show you how simple it is to set up and start using, but then I found this one from 9seeds…

You can also see some screenshots of the “WP Events Plugin” in action here.

9seeds mentioned at the Phoenix WordCamp that they were working on a “Pro” version for this plugin. If that is the case, and I am speculating here, then the “Pro” version will add new features and one feature that might interest some people could be the ability to use other payment gateways. I know there are a lot of people who use a payment option other than PayPal and would like to stick with their current solution.

I highly recommend using this solution if you sell tickets for any type of event!

Use the comments if you have any questions or need assistance with WordPress or plugin setup…


5 thoughts on “WordPress for Event Ticketing: There’s a plugin for that!”

  1. Thank you so much for the very nice write up!

    Your speculation about the pro version is spot on. We ARE adding additional payment gateways (authorize.net to start, possibly others in future updates). We are also adding the ability to manage multiple events and a bunch of other features that should make it a pretty solid business level ticketing system.

    • John, thanks for filling in some of the blanks! I know a lot of people will enjoy separating from Eventbrite and it’s nice that they have a solid solution to support their needs with the additions to the plugin in the “pro” version.

  2. Hi There,
    Just wondering, when attendees have received their e-tickets, how do we protect against people just reprinting and selling on? Do their names appear on the tickets? I see we have an attendee list, but is there a foolproof way of ensuring that only one set of tickets is sold to a given person?


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