Adding widget areas to Minimum Pro homepage (Genesis)


If you’re using the Minimum Pro child theme and you want additional widget areas to use on your homepage, follow this tutorial.

I’m currently working on developing a new theme using the Minimum Pro theme as a starting point, MyHealthCare (under development). You’ll notice I’ve added some new widget areas to the homepage. DEMO!!

Let’s Get Started!

We will be editing three files in the Minimum Pro theme folder.

  1. functions.php
  2. front-page.php
  3. style.css

Step One

We need to register the new widget areas so they show up in the admin widget section.

Copy and past this code into your functions.php file.

Step Two

Now we need to add the markup for the widget areas to the homepage of our theme.

Use the image below to guide you in adding the code to your front-page.php file for this step (code below image).

Add widget to Minimum Pro

Step Three

We need to add the new widget areas to the homepage and order them. This time we are going to replace the existing code with this new code.

Use the image below to guide you in replacing the code in your front-page.php file for this step (code below image).

Add widgets to homepage

Step Four

Lastly we need to make our code look good!

Now we’ll add this code to our style.css file.

Interested in purchasing the myHealthcare theme, which you can see in use here =>, please contact me.
  • Thanks for the code. But when I do Step Two, my front page gives me a white screen of death. I’ve edited the code to have the sidebar appear on the site. Could that be messing things up?

    • Hey Trevor,

      Looks like I had a ) in the wrong place. Try copying the code from step two and replace in your front-page.php again and let me know if that fixes it.

      – Chris

  • Hi Chris! Thanks for creating this code, it’s just what I needed.

    But I did everything as you listed here and I still don’t see my text showing up in these new widgets?

    Thanks, Jay

    • Chris Eggleston says:

      Hey James, I took a look at your site and the source code, but I don’t see the modifications. In the CSS or the page.

  • Thank you so much for this code! However, when I view it on a cell phone, it is not mobile friendly? Can you help?

  • No worries! I just figured it out. Thank you again for this code. It is really nice to be able to manipulate the template in this way.

  • Hey mate,
    Great tut on how to add extra widget areas to the Minimum Pro theme by Genesis:-)

    I followed the tutorial step by step, but when I apply widgets to the Welcome Section, nothing shows:-( The is the one that’s supposed to be overlaying the background image, right?


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