Using Elementor with Genesis Child Themes

I’m writing this article because I’ve been getting a lot of questions about using Elementor with the Genesis Framework after writing an article titled, Why I Started Using the Elementor WordPress Page Builder Plugin. People want to know if Elementor will work with any of the Genesis Framework child themes. The simple answer is, Yes. … Read more

Fast WordPress Themes – Recommendation

In this article I want to unpack what makes a Fast WordPress Theme, why you want to use one, and provide you with a solid example. If you’re uninterested in the details and just want to know what WordPress theme I recommend here it is: 3 Fast WordPress Theme Must Haves Not all themes are … Read more

How I Use Appfinite Genesis Child Themes for Building Awesome Websites

This article will reveal some of the sites I’ve built using the pre-built Genesis Framework child themes from Appfinite. But most importantly, I’ll reveal my secrets that make it easy to use these pre-built themes to build awesome sites. The Appfinite developers build awesome Genesis child themes! Before and after screenshots If you click on … Read more

StudioPress Sites: The Next Step in DIY WordPress Site Builders?

StudioPress is bringing yet another fantastic product to the table, StudioPress Sites. “The ease of an all-in-one website builder with the flexible power of WordPress.“ The best way I can think to explain this is, WordPress ready hosting with the power of the Genesis Framework built in. When you sign up, you’ll have WordPress already installed and … Read more

Adding widget areas to Minimum Pro homepage (Genesis)

If you’re using the Minimum Pro child theme and you want additional widget areas to use on your homepage, follow this tutorial. I’m currently working on developing a new theme using the Minimum Pro theme as a starting point, MyHealthCare (under development). You’ll notice I’ve added some new widget areas to the homepage. DEMO!! Let’s Get Started! We … Read more

Genesis custom page template with widget area and background image

I created a custom page template because I wanted to do three things: Display an optional full width image just below the header (controlled by the featured image widget) Have the option to overlay the image with a call to action (text and button) controlled by a widget area Add other style elements, specific to the … Read more

Ambiance like fullwidth image in pages and posts in genesis

I recently had a client request the ability to add a fullwidth image to specific pages and posts on his site, similar to the Ambiance Pro Theme (affilink) by StudioPress. He specifically asked that I add this functionality to the Epik Child Theme (affilink) created by Wes Straham. However, you should be able to add … Read more

Adding a Widget Area Below the Header in Genesis Child Theme

For a resent project I wanted to add a widget area below the header and have it display on all pages except the homepage. I’m calling it the “Page Title Widget Area”. This tutorial is for use with the Genesis Framework and a Genesis Child Theme. Here is a screenshot of what it looks like, … Read more

Set a different background image for each page in a Genesis child theme

Recently, while working on a new project, I had to figure out a way to set a different background image for each page of the site. New tutorial: how to use the featured image widget to assign a background image to a page or post. Read it here => The trick was to do … Read more

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