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Should You Delete The 20something Themes?

Every year since 2010, there has been a new theme released with a WordPress core update.

Unfortunately, there is no mechanism that automatically removes these old themes. So while it is now 2020, it is very possible that you will have several old themes sitting around that you don’t need.

I recommend removing them.

Pro Tip: You need to keep at least one of them. I recommend keeping the most current theme, in this case 2020 theme.

These themes operate as a default theme. If your theme got deleted or corrupted, WordPress would auto activate the 2020 theme.

How to remove the themes

Below is a video showing the steps, but I’ve also included the written steps.

  1. Appearance => Themes
  2. Hoover over theme image => Click “Theme Details”
  3. Bottom right corner, click “Delete”

Why Keep One

In order for your website to render, a theme must be active.

It isn’t uncommon for an active theme to be deleted, or to fail an update and become corrupt, or for someone to edit the theme files and break it.

When this happens, WordPress automatically looks for a 20 something theme to activate as a backup.

If you do not have one, your site will not be accessible.

So, just keep the most current theme and make sure you keep it updated.

Need help?

If you need help or have questions, feel free to reach out any time. Use the comments or use the chat option.

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