Should you Enable Auto Updates for Your WordPress plugins and themes

Since the release of WordPress version 5.5 (August 2020), we’ve had the ability to enable or disable auto-updates for plugins and themes in the WordPress dashboard. I know for some, like those business owners that manage their own sites, this has been a welcomed feature. You’ve likely been told or have read that you should … Read more

6 Tips to Help You Avoid WordPress Problems

When it comes down to it, there are a few main things that lead up to problems and issues with WordPress websites, most of them come down to the same cause, the user. Let me explain. The single biggest threat to a WordPress websites is the user. The website owner. The person installing plugins and … Read more

How to Troubleshoot a WordPress Plugin Conflict

When something with your WordPress website breaks, it can often be a cause of a conflict between plugins and a theme, or the theme and WordPress, or a couple different plugins. These conflicts are quite common. Our support team has had an unusual amount of request for help with the popular “updating failed” error that … Read more

Should You Delete The 20something Themes?

Every year since 2010, there has been a new theme released with a WordPress core update. Unfortunately, there is no mechanism that automatically removes these old themes. So while it is now 2020, it is very possible that you will have several old themes sitting around that you don’t need. I recommend removing them. How … Read more

Using WordPress Site Health Check for Website Support

In this article I’ll share the details on Site Health Check, it’s features, benefits, why it matters, how to use it, and how to extend its power to help you better manage your and your clients websites. What is Site Health Check Now part of WordPress core, with the release of 5.1, this feature will … Read more

Using WordPress as a solution in your business? You’re in the software business, but do you support it?

You’re in the software business! That’s what I realized a few years ago after spending a decade building service businesses around WordPress. While it’s true, I didn’t actually “create” WordPress, because it’s open source, and I’m introducing it to my clients, it’s now my responsibility to provide some level of support for that software. You … Read more

Do I Really Need to Update WordPress?

Sadly this is still a question I get a couple times a week. It’s true! People are still rocking WordPress 3.5 and the current stable version is 4.7.5, as of May 16, 2017. The Short Answer. Yes! You should always update WordPress as soon as possible. Especially when the resent update is a Security Release and … Read more

Hacked WordPress Site? Read this NOW!

In the last seven days (at the time if this writing) I’ve helped a total of ten clients get their hacked WordPress site back online after hackers made a mess with malware and other redirects. In some cases it’s a simple process … Just run Sucuri’s Website Malware Removal tool through the site and it will … Read more

Tips for Starting a WordPress Support Business

When I started in the web development industry, 7+ years ago, providing clients with support and maintenance services was a lot of work. And beyond the amount of work, it was hard to get clients to appreciate the value enough to pay a price that made the work worth it. I sometimes hoped they would get … Read more

How to Replace the admin user with a more secure username

If you’re still using the WordPress default username, “admin”, you’re at risk! Hackers will always try to gain access to your WordPress dashboard by first attempting to hack the admin username password. Follow this tutorial to learn how to replace the “admin” user account with a more secure user account! Use BackupBuddy to backup … Read more

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