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How to Get iThemes Security Pro Free

There are two ways you can get iThemes Security Pro plugin free. In this article I will explain each of them and how you can take advantage of this opportunity.

What is iThemes Security Pro?

I have a very detailed write up of iThemes Security here, but the most important thing you need to know is that this security plugin is by far the most advanced and by far the easiest way to secure and protect your WordPress website.

In all transparency, there is a free version of the iThemes Security plugin, however, like most free plugins, the advanced features in the paid (pro) version is worth the upgrade.

Again I discuss these differences in my article here: The Best WordPress Security Plugin

Do You Really Need WordPress Security?

If you’re asking this question, you probably haven’t experienced any issues with hackers or malware. That you know of, anyway.

Our company gets request on a regular bases to fix hacked websites, or even to just fix the issues caused by hacks.

In my research, 73.2% of WordPress websites are vulnerable and at risk.

However, to read more about why you need website security, you should read this article: Website Security – What, Why, and Do I Really Need it?

Are you ready to find out how to get iThemes Security Pro FREE!?

Options 1: Host Your Website with iThemes

If you’re not aware, iThemes has been offering Managed WordPress Hosting for a couple years now.

When iThemes was acquired by Liquid Web, I assumed they would discontinue their hosting like StudioPress did when they were acquired by WP Engine.

But they didn’t. And it’s a good thing. The iThemes WordPress hosting service is actually really good, and really affordable!

It’s not the $4/mo advertised by some (NOT recommended hosting providers) but you can still get it as low as $7.5/mo/site.

When you host your site with iThemes WordPress Hosting, you will get Security Pro included, at no additional charge.

And that’s not all.

You’ll also have access to BackupBuddy and Sync for managing your website(s) and making sure they’re backed up.

If you decide to host your website with iThemes, and you need help migrating it. Be sure to let us know you used the button below to signup for iThemes hosting with and we’ll migrate your site for free!

Options 2: Signup for WordPress Support

When you signup for a WordPress support from WP Mantis, we provide website security, but we don’t offer it through iThemes Security Pro.

However, one of our competitors does!

At this point you might be wondering why I would recommend you use one of our competitors and not WP Mantis.

As a business person, I understand that we are not a fit for everyone, and not every website is a fit for us. I’m ok with that.

At WP Buffs, you will get great service from a ton of great people. I have personally used their services, and had conversation with the founder..

That is why I am confident in recommending their services.

When you sign up for WP Buffs ‘Protect’ or ‘Perform’ plan, you will get iThemes Security Pro free as part of your services with them!

And as long as you stay with them, they will continue to protect your site with the iThemes plugin!

The best part, you’ll never have to worry about an issue with your website or getting help when issues do pop up!

WP Buffs

Don’t Like Those Options? Purchase iThemes Security Pro

If you don’t want to move your website, or hire a company to maintain and support you and your website, then you can either use the free version of iThemes Security, or purchase the Pro version here!

The Wrap Up

Weather you use iThemes hosting, or a support service like WP Mantis or WP Buffs, or you don’t, securing your WordPress website is really important, so at least download an install the free version of iThemes Security.

If you do choose to use any of the options I’ve recommended, please let us know so that we can be sure to help you with the migration of your site. Just use the comments or chat option below!

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