How to Ensure Maximum Cybersecurity on Your WordPress Website

For anyone planning to build a professional website, WordPress is the first option that comes to mind. After all, it is the preferred choice for website designers and owners worldwide, making it a market leader among all CMS platforms. This popularity makes WordPress sites the most targeted by hackers and cybercriminals making WordPress cybersecurity a … Read more

How to Get iThemes Security Pro Free

There are two ways you can get iThemes Security Pro plugin free. In this article I will explain each of them and how you can take advantage of this opportunity. What is iThemes Security Pro? I have a very detailed write up of iThemes Security here, but the most important thing you need to know … Read more

The Best WordPress Security Plugin

There are several ways to secure and protect a WordPress website, however, if you prefer to use a WordPress plugin, we recommend iThemes Security. Keep reading to find out why. You might be thinking, ‘why would anyone want to hack my site?’. Seeing Can Be believing I’d recommend that you install a simple plugin like, … Read more

MalCare WordPress Website Security Review

In this article I’ll be sharing my thoughts and recommendations regarding the MalCare WordPress security product. I’ll offer a basic comparison to Sucuri, which we’re most familiar with because we use it for our support services.. What is MalCare? MalCare is a WordPress security service. I guess you could call it a plugin, but really the … Read more

Website Security – What, why, and do I really need it?

Just yesterday I received five phone calls from five different people who had been notified by their hosting provider or customers that their websites had malware. Some complained that their hosting provider was hacked and now they’re left holding the bag and have to spend the money to fix it. Others had no idea that … Read more

Do I Really Need to Update WordPress?

Sadly this is still a question I get a couple times a week. It’s true! People are still rocking WordPress 3.5 and the current stable version is 4.7.5, as of May 16, 2017. The Short Answer. Yes! You should always update WordPress as soon as possible. Especially when the resent update is a Security Release and … Read more

WordPress Users Under Attack: 4 Ways to Better Protect Your Site

If you’re keeping up with the latest WordPress news, you’ve heard about this “attacker” issue. These attackers are trying to exploit the default username ‘admin’ to gain access to your website. First they verify that your site has the username ‘admin’, second they start trying a number of passwords to access the account. Read more about the known … Read more

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