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Easiest Way To Get Started With Elementor

The easiest way to get started with a WordPress page builder, like Elementor, is to use existing templates.

A template is a prebuilt page used for a specific page builder that can be imported and manipulated with, in this case, the Elementor page builder.

elementor templates

Elementor has always provided several templates within their plugin, however, they are constantly adding more.

As an important note, the amount of templates and kits you can access, will differ based on which Elementor plan you subscribe to.

Elementor has more recently started providing, what they call, Kits. These Kits, are full site template.

Once imported into your site, you instantly have several pages ready for you to modify with your content and branding.

Demo all the available Templates and Kits here!

Elementor is going to recommend you use their Hello theme. And that is for good reason. It was built with the intent of using as a blank canvas, which makes it perfect for Elementor.

How To Use Elementor Templates & Kits

This video is a demo of how easy it is to use these templates and kits. In this demo they are using Elementor Pro and Hello Theme.

Other Available Templates

I did some research and found a few other resources for both paid and free templates you can use with the Elementor page builder.

We have played with several of these templates to ensure they are quality and worth recommending.

Astra – Elementor Templates

These are some of the nicest templates we could find. And they are all full site templates, ready for use.

Here is a quick video demo to show you some of the available templates.

Just Free Themes – Elementor Templates

It is possible that you will find the same templates on this site that are available on other sites like Astra.

Just Free Themes is a resource site that has collected a bunch of templates and simply showcased them on their own site.

Hopefully I don’t have to point this out, but just in case, these are all free templates, maybe with the exception of one or two that could be an affiliate link to a paid solution.

In this video I wanted to show you how simple it is to demo and download these templates.

The Wrap Up…

…and a word of caution!

While testing some of these templates, I did not find anything suspicious or malicious in the code. But that is not to suggest there isn’t a template or two with some bad code.

Use these free templates at your own risk!

Because this is a legit concern, it is why I always recommend using verified partners or only those resources provided by the core developers/company themselves.

As always, if you have questions, or need additional information, feel free to use the comments or chat options below!

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