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Using Elementor with Genesis Child Themes

I’m writing this article because I’ve been getting a lot of questions about using Elementor with the Genesis Framework after writing an article titled, Why I Started Using the Elementor WordPress Page Builder Plugin.

People want to know if Elementor will work with any of the Genesis Framework child themes.

The simple answer is, Yes.

However, it is important to know how the Genesis Framework was originally built, because some child themes have not been updated to support the latest developments of WordPress core and Gutenberg.

Genesis originally supported the use of widget areas for the build out of the home page.

Here is an example from the Workstation Child Theme built by StudioPress to so you what I mean. Each area surrounded by a blue square represents a widget area.

Here are the instructions for how to use the widget areas.

With the advent of page builders and Gutenberg there really isn’t a need for this type of theme structure.

Getting Around This

This will NOT prevent you from being able to use Elementor’s page builder with any of the Genesis child themes regardless of whether or not it’s been updated.

Just be sure you are using the latest version of the Genesis Framework because it has been updated.

Here’s what you do when using Elementor.

First you need to create a new page, call it Home Page or Front Page and publish it. Then follow these steps.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on Reading
  3. Select “A Static Page…” option
  4. Select the page you created in the previous step
  5. You can change this option to another page or leave it with “Select Page”
  6. Once that is done, save your changes

Now you will use Elementor to build your website homepage with the page you created previously.

Getting the Most out of Genesis

Just a few weeks ago, as of this writing, Genesis and WP Engine rolled out a new page builder, Genesis Pro.

As soon as I got word about this new page builder, I started playing with it and wrote an article titled, WP Engines Launches New WordPress Page Builder ‘Genesis Pro’.

While Genesis Pro is nowhere as robust as Elementor (yet), I like it for one primary reason, it leverages Gutenberg.

It’s also built by the same team of developers so you can bet they are building the Genesis Pro page builder to leverage everything the Genesis Framework has to offer.

The Wrap Up

Whether you use the Elementor or Genesis Pro page builder, you will have a great experience with the Genesis Framework and any child themes available.

If you have more questions, or would like a demo of how this works feel free to reach out. Use the comments or use the chat to the right.

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