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How to Convert Genesis Child Theme to HTML5

For anyone using the Genesis Framework, you know the biggest change coming in version 2.0 is the switch from XHTML to HTML5.

If you’re using an older Genesis child theme, you can still upgrade to Genesis 2.0 without worry, your theme will not break.

In order for your theme to support the new HTML5 markup built into Genesis 2.0, you’ll have to make a few changes to the CSS (style.css file) and add a line of code to your functions.php file.

You will also need these visual markup comparison guides from StudioPress.

Now, to make this even easier, Cobalt Apps, the developers of Dynamic, have developed a simple solution called, Genesis XHTML to HTML5 CSS Converter, it will make the changes to your CSS for! All you have to do is copy and past!

Watch this video to see how easy it is!

To make the changes, you just need to go to this post, Genesis XHTML to HTML5 CSS Convert, and follow the instructions or the steps shown in the video!

Have questions, or need help making the conversion, use the comments below!

6 thoughts on “How to Convert Genesis Child Theme to HTML5”

  1. Hey Chris

    Great article. I saw on another forum you converted the Epik theme – please could you share how you upgraded Epik to html5. Following the videos does not work. The pages are fine but the front page is a mess. I dont want to use the new release of Epik as I have an established site + content + CSS customizations on the current one – Many Thanks in advance

    • Sally, after converting the style sheet with the tool referenced in the article you will also need to change some of the hook references in functions.php and home.php. Additionally, depending on the custom code within your files you may need to go through and change some do it as well.

      For example, when I converted, I had to change some of my custom ids to classes.

      I even took one more step and compared the my converted Epik style sheet with the new Epik 2.0 style sheet. In this case I was able to identify some inconsistencies.

      It is hard to say what exactly the problem is without seeing the issue and code.

      If you still need further assistance or want me to do the conversion for you please contact me at

  2. Hi

    Thanks for the reply. The issue is that there is no available markup guide for the required changes to epik functions and/or home.php

    My only changes were to the CSS, so inner pages are all ok but no idea what needs changing on the .php side.

    I will drop you a mail



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