Invoicing & Billing with WordPress: There’s a plugin for that!


UPDATE: I FOUND A BETTER SOLUTION for Invoicing and Billing with WordPress! => https://chrisegg.com/send-invoices-with-wordpress-exchange-add-on/

Every business needs a system for billing and processing payments, well, any business interested in getting paid…

Over the years I have tried different methods for billing my customers. I spent hours creating a fancy invoice I could hand, mail, fax, and email to the customer (which I might add had to be filled out uniquely for every client – more time!). I spent hours creating individual PayPal invoices for each purchase so my customers could easily pay their bills from their email. And there were other methods that proved to be less effective and overly time-consuming.

It wasn’t until I got frustrated and behind on bills, because my invoices weren’t being paid, that I got serious about a solution!

I have used WordPress for several years, and discovered that you can do almost anything you can imagine with WordPress…so I figured I could find a way to use WordPress to automate and simplify my billing and payment process!

Here’s the FREE WordPress plugin I use for this system

WP-Invoice –

How it works: you create an invoice from you WordPress installation’s admin section, an email with a brief invoice description and a unique link is sent to your client. Your client follows the special link to your blog’s where their invoice is automatically displayed for them. After reviewing the invoice, your client pays their bill using a credit card or PayPal account, and you are immediately notified.

Please note: This plugin is packed with tons of great features and is so easy to use.

Other tools you will need

  • A merchant account, PayPal is a simple option that works great, but the plugin can integrate with others

Here’s how I implemented it into my business processes

  • First, I installed, activated, and configured the plugin (very easy to do with this plugin interface)
  • Second, I played with the plugin. Created some test invoice and processed some invoices to make sure it all worked! (PayPal Sandbox Enabled!)
  • Third, I made a few policy changes and notified my clients:
    • No longer accept checks from out-of-state clients
    • Must use the new billing system for all payments
    • Late fees apply after 5 days
    • A service fee of 3% would be applied to every transaction (covers my PayPal processing fees)

With this new system, I no-longer forget to remind my clients to pay their bills…I don’t have to spend hours creating invoices and wondering if I every mailed them…I have a structured system for creating, sending, reviewing, reminding, and processing payments.

Another great thing about this web-based billing system, clients can pay anytime from almost anywhere (as long as there is an Internet connection). I can also, with my handy iPad, have the client pay their bill while I am meeting with them.

For help setting up your billing system with the WordPress plugin, WP-Invoice, please contact me!

Bonus Section:


Another great FREE tool for businesses on the go, Square. This is a nifty iPhone/iPad and Android credit card reader! This product does not integrate or work with WP-Invoice.


25 thoughts on “Invoicing & Billing with WordPress: There’s a plugin for that!”

  1. Ummm….yeah… Right now there are no good invoicing solutions for WordPress. WP-Invoice is broken and hasn’t been updated in a year. I tried using it, but there are so many missing features and errors and UI issues.

    Sadly there is no usable solution. Sucks…would be nice to be able to take care of all my freelancing needs from within WordPress.

  2. I have been using this plugin for the last few months and have no complaints, i’m probably not using all of the features though so there may be areas that dont function as they should?

    • Yes, I agree. However, if you or anyone else needs help getting the plugin to work with your site and fixing bugs and patching code, please let me know. I have some of the best WordPress and PHP programs available to develop, fix, improve, or enhance any WordPress plugin.

      • Hi Christopher,

        I have tried to use this, but my hosting provider (budgetwebhosting.nl ) is blocking this addin because use of cross-site scripting. Do you have any ideas on this or a hosting provider which does not has this problem

        thanks, Marcel

        • Marcel,

          I am not complete sure what the “cross-site scripting” is, unless is has to do with connecting with merchants like paypal for processing payments.

          I have used this plugin with Godaddy.com, ixwebhosting.com, and backspace cloud hosting without any problems.

          To be honest it does not make sense that your hosting company will not allow it. Especially when they are allowing other programs like ZenCart.

          I would suggest that you check with the developers on the support form https://wp-invoice.com

          Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

          – Chris

  3. Hi,
    I have a problem with the Paypal payment and I want to know how do you set-up it ?
    The Paypal button link to the Paypal sandbox site… I want to link to the real paypal payment site ?

    Thank you for your answer !

      • Thank you for your fast answer !
        I didn’t see Test Mode inside “Settings” and I dont have a Payment tab (I just have “Settings->Payment method” tab).
        … oups I just see Right now that I dont use the correct plugin or the lastest version…
        I just install the 3.03 version and I see the test mode !

        Thank you very much for your help loll…

  4. WP-invoice while it appears to work very good, is very limited on payment gateways and support. So
    IF you are using one of the two gateways available you are good to go, IF NOT then you are out of luck using wp-invoice.
    My support request was denied.
    “At the moment the Usability Dynamics team is hard at work enhancing our product line and servicing larger external development projects. They are unable to provide custom development services at this time.”

    “A) Post a Premium Support Request, as outlined in the previous email (if you feel the issue is a software error).
    B) Seek independent development services either on our community forum, or at online technical service sites like elance.com.”

    So they might support software errors if you can figure out how to use the software or you can roll the dice at elance.com to get support from someone that may or may not even know what WordPress is.
    The follow up email from Usability Dynamics
    “I would gladly have our developers analyze your request, calculate the time this project would take and send you a quote, respectively. Take into account that we do not accept projects for under $2000.”

    Before you invest time in any plugin be sure to read the forum. If it is full of support request posts with no responses, then be sure you will be treated the same.

    I just wanted someone to help me install my payment gateway. I did not ask for anything customized.
    I even asked for a link to pay for the $50 support. They could not even supply the link to buy support.

    • Alan, sorry to hear about your frustrations with WP-Invoice and the Usability Dynamics team. Although I think these guys are doing great work and creating some really nice plugins, there are some limitations.

      Also, I think one of the misconceptions that many people have about Usability Dynamics is that they are larger than they appear. I think they are giving this impression of a “big business” when they are really a bunch of developers working remotely. And that is not a bad thing at all, but the canned emails, and the faceless communication presents issues when people such as yourself need real help right now!

      I do feel like they have been improving in their support, and knowing the amount of effort that is required to handle the number of forum topics and support request these guys get, they are doing a really good job. In these type of matters, there is only so much that can be done, and unfortunately things fall through the cracks sometimes.

      Ideally, instead of using elance.com, you should reach out to people in the WP community. People like me and other developers that can help you get what you need done.

      If you’re still looking for help setting up your gateway, please feel free to contact me! I’d be happy to help!

  5. The problem with WP-Invoice that I’ve run into (and many others have run into without any apparent fix), is that invoice is fully filled out, submitted with credit card info, and after the progress graphics show for a short period of time, the invoice refreshes without completing the transaction. There isn’t even a warning that the transaction didn’t go through. I’ve gone through my settings, and I’ve even verified the settings with authorize.net. I’ve also checked to see if the credit card was charged (in live mode), and the order didn’t go through. I’ve seen about 15 posts relating to this issue with no one able to resolve it.

    Does anyone know of a fix for this? This plugin would be great if it worked, but there’s little hope from what I’ve seen. If someone charges $50 to get this up and running, it would be well worth it, at least for me. I could benefit from this plugin, but I’ve lost a couple of days trying to work with it. Any thoughts, Chris?

    • First question, are you using the premium feature “Single Page Checkout” or just the standard payment settings? Have you tested this in all browsers? Do you have your Invoice system setup somewhere I can take a look at it (you can email me this info, [email protected])? If not, can you send me, at that email, a snapshot of your settings and the payment page?

      From there I will be better able to assist…


  6. Hi Chris,

    Do you still use WP-Invoice? I installed it about a month ago to start invoicing clients, but I cannot for the life of me get the PayPal IPN to work, and I know I’m doing everything in the instructions right.

    Would I be able to get in touch with you via email to talk some more about the plug-in?


    • Hey Luke, honestly I just switched to a different invoicing system. I’ve liked WP-Invoice, it’s been handy, but I wanted something that was easier for my accountant to access.

      The new PayPal invoicing system is also really nice!

      You can email me if you’d like, [email protected], and I’ll see what I can do to help you.


  7. In my opinion WordPress has been lacking a true invoicing and customer billing plugin for a while now. I still don’t believe there’s a good one out there, but I prefer using SoftPay Solutions. Basically, you just drop in three lines of code and it allows you to have customer billing right on your site. Pretty cool product, and I know they are working to make it even better. I think a WP plugin is in the works in the near future.

    • Thank you for your comment and suggestion. You are right, we need a better plugin to meet our needs. I’ve been considering developing it, but at this point we are trying to decide, if we integrate with existing providers like SoftPay, or just build an independent solution…

      More to come on this topic soon…

  8. WP-Invoice is probably the worst plugin I’ve ever used. Their support forums are lit up with constant complaints of issues, errors, and failed transactions.


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