Should you Enable Auto Updates for Your WordPress plugins and themes

Since the release of WordPress version 5.5 (August 2020), we’ve had the ability to enable or disable auto-updates for plugins and themes in the WordPress dashboard. I know for some, like those business owners that manage their own sites, this has been a welcomed feature. You’ve likely been told or have read that you should … Read more

iThemes Security Presents: WordPress Disaster Week (2021)

Every year iThemes holds a three day webinar series where they cover one of the most important topics related to WordPress and online business, ‘website security’. This is a FREE event, however, you do need to register. If you can not attend this even live, anyone that is registered will be sent the even replays. … Read more

How to Integrate Stripe with WordPress

When you’re using WordPress for collecting payments or selling products, there are a few ways you can integrate with Stripe easily. In this article, I’ll go over a few of the most ideal solutions. However, I do need to warn you, I am a bit biased and will be strongly recommending WP Simple Pay. Why … Read more

Creating Custom Blocks for the WordPress Block Editor

WP Engine just announced the launch of a new plugin called, Genesis Custom Blocks, this is not to be confused with their page builder plugin, Genesis Pro. This new plugin is awesome! It will save you a ton of time when building custom blocks for the WordPress block editor, and allow you to reduce the … Read more

MalCare WordPress Website Security Review

In this article I’ll be sharing my thoughts and recommendations regarding the MalCare WordPress security product. I’ll offer a basic comparison to Sucuri, which we’re most familiar with because we use it for our support services.. What is MalCare? MalCare is a WordPress security service. I guess you could call it a plugin, but really the … Read more

ExchangeWP Shut Down – Opportunity Missed?

ExchangeWP is a WordPress e-commerce plugin. Similar to WooCommerce, but way more simple and light weight. Oh, and way more cost effective! There is huge news to the development of this plugin! You can read all about the new development here => ExchangeWP is NOW Ninja Shop, powered by Ninja Forms! A little History It … Read more

Tips for Starting a WordPress Support Business

When I started in the web development industry, 7+ years ago, providing clients with support and maintenance services was a lot of work. And beyond the amount of work, it was hard to get clients to appreciate the value enough to pay a price that made the work worth it. I sometimes hoped they would get … Read more

Send Invoices with WordPress: Exchange Add-on

A couple of years ago I wrote a post Invoicing with WordPress: There’s a plugin for that!, and it has been very popular over the years, however, the solutions haven’t always worked out so great for everyone. I thought it was time to do an update! So I set out to find another solution that … Read more

WordPress eCommerce Plugin

Over a year ago I wrote about three WordPress eCommerce plugin that I was using for client projects, however, a lot has changed over the past year. Over the past 6 months we have built three eCommerce sites for clients with the WooCommerce Plugin from WooThemes. And I have been very impressed by the diversification and … Read more

Invoicing with WordPress: There’s a plugin for that!

When I first started using WordPress, some 10+ years ago, I wanted to run my whole business from a WordPress multisite. Those of you new to WordPress (in the last 5 years) have no idea what a challenge that was. We didn’t have the access to quality plugins like we do today. So we has … Read more

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