iThemes Security Presents: WordPress Disaster Week (2021)


Every year iThemes holds a three day webinar series where they cover one of the most important topics related to WordPress and online business, ‘website security’.

This is a FREE event, however, you do need to register. If you can not attend this even live, anyone that is registered will be sent the even replays.

Event Dates: March 16, 17 & 18 (all sessions are from 1-3pm CT)

What You Can Expect

These are a couple of the questions that will be answered during this three day event.

  • Are you ready if your WordPress site gets hacked or if your site crashes?
  • Is there anything you can do to prepare or prevent a website disaster?
  • How do you recover when disaster strikes?

DuringĀ WordPress Disaster Week, the iThemes Security team will provide a plan for how to prevent and recover when disaster strikes.

The Event Schedule

As mentioned this is a three day event that will be presented live. During the event they will cover, prevention, recovery, and tips for WordPress professionals that want to provide security services.

March 16th – Session 1: Prevention

As the popularity of WordPress increases, so does the attention from hackers. When you have such a large number of users (currently 40% of websites use WP) it’s easy to find them.

In session 1, you will learn everything you need to know about preventing attacks on your website from being successful.

WP Security 101
How to Defend Your Site from the Most Common Type of Attack
Login Security

March 17th – Session 2: Recovery

While there is no way, aside from deleting your website and completely removing your digital footprint from the internet, to eliminate the risk of being hacked or prevent all attacks. You can use the information in this session to help you reduce your risk and prevent most attacks.

In session 2, you will learn the symptoms of a hacked website and how to restore your website after a successful attack.

What to Measure/Monitor
Signs You’ve Been Hacked
How to Restore From a Backup

March 18th – Session 3: Providing Security Services for Clients

More than ever, people understand the importance of website security and the demand for online security services is growing. More and more people are willing to pay to keep their websites secure.

In session 3, you will learn how to create, package, price, and implement a security service for clients.

Preparing a Site for the Client
Packaging and Pricing
Selling Services

The Wrap Up

In full disclosure, iThemes offers the most popular Security plugin for WordPress website, and they will be recommending that you use this plugin during this three day webinar (likely with a discount offer).

The good news, they do have both a FREE and PAID version of their plugin.

I’d also recommend checking out some of the other security training from iThemes.