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New Trend for Online Education and How to Profit

People are diving into online learning (education) more than ever. With sites like,  and independent program creators like Rainmaker Digital, it’s so easy to find exactly what you need to improve personally and professionally.

In a book I recently read, Paradigm Shift: 7 Realities of Success in the New Economy, there is a chapter titled, “Mentors Are the New College”.

In this chapter the author’s wrote, “The Internet has changed what is even possible in education, and the higher-price/lower-value aspect of college itself has spurred a fresh crop of books and articles discussing the advent of a whole new era of higher education.”

This year there is a prediction that we will see a shift in online education. It seems people are wanting to experience their online learning live instead of going through a pre recorded training program.

You might ask why, but the answer seems obvious to me. A live event demands action and attention. You cant enroll, purchase, and set it on the shelf for when you “have more free time”. Have you noticed you never have more free time?

With a live event, you have to commit to be there to get the information at the time of the event. No more “shelfing it” for a later date, you’ve got to engage and be in attendance.

Delivering Learning Live

There are a couple ways you’ll get your online education live.

  1. Webinars (probably the most common)
  2. Periscope (Twitter’s live streaming app)
  3. Google Hangouts On Air or Zoom (video conferencing)

Webinars offer support for a large audience and with services like WebinarJam Studio you’ll have the ability to control registration, access, and payment. This is probably the best solution.

Periscope is a free service supported by Twitter, but it makes it supper easy to stream your training. You have no control over who can access the training, and if you want to charge for the training you’ll have to do that through your own sales funnel. But expect that people will join via Periscope without paying first.

Google Hangouts and Zoom are video conferencing solutions that allow you to control who can attend, but again, there is no built in payment option. And you’re generally limited to how many can attend the event. So you would again have to have a separate sales funnel to collect payment and registrations.

How You Can Profit

Use webinars in two ways.

  1. To deliver live training sessions
  2. To deliver live training that promotes the sale of your online program.

I use to have a webinar training I would do a couple times a week. It was a 3 hour training, all live, me teaching how to use ClickFunnels to build a specific sales funnel. It was awesome. I recorded the session, but you only got the recording if you attended the entire training.

Using webinars to teach a part of your program with the intent of selling an online course is a powerful model, that has been proven to work.

The New Trend

“Automated Live Events”

Which basically means, to your audience, the event appears to be live, but it’s really a recording. These type of events have also been called stealth webinars.

I know some people who think this isn’t being honest, but here’s how you do it right.

You perform your webinar live until you’ve perfected your script, your pitch, and have the conversions you want. Then you use that perfected webinar recording, and setup an automated webinar that delivers your training without you actually being there.

In business we call this a system that produces predictable results.

How to Get Setup

These are the tools I recommend. If you want an easy to use solution that wont require a technology degree and has easy to follow steps.

  1. ClickFunnels – for building your sales funnels and has automated webinar functionality
  2. WebinarJam – for hosting the webinar
  3. EverWebinar – this software was built for creating and hosting automated live events

NOTE: You don’t need 2 and 3, you only need one of those options. The advantage to EverWebinar is the built in automation features like comments and webinar interaction.

Check out the software, these are honestly the best tools available. And they can be integrated with each other.

Do I Still Offer Consulting?

I mentioned that I had a live event where I taught people how to build sales funnels with ClickFunnels, and while I don’t have that event scheduled, I do still offer funnel consulting. Just shoot me an email.

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