The Real Cost of eCommerce Websites

You’re ready to sell online but you need a way to do that. Do hire someone, do-it-yourself, what will it cost, what is the best option? Do a Google search for “ecommerce website” or “hosted ecommerce websites” or “WordPress ecommerce” and you’ll find a bunch of solutions, but which one is right for you? When … Read more

The Consulting Theory for Web Professionals

I believe the number one mistake you could make, in this business, is to position yourself as a “Freelancer”. I found that there is a bit of a stigma associate with the term freelancer. In today’s world of outsourcing through sites like and, people go there with the mentality that they can get … Read more

Accounting Software for Your Freelance Business

While I’m addressing “Freelancers”, this doesn’t just apply to Freelancers. Any business that needs a better system for billing, tracking expenses, collecting payments online and/or via your mobile (accounting software) can benefit by reading this article. When I first started my business there were several different “invoicing systems” available, however, there were two things I was looking … Read more

New Trend for Online Education and How to Profit

People are diving into online learning (education) more than ever. With sites like,  and independent program creators like Rainmaker Digital, it’s so easy to find exactly what you need to improve personally and professionally. In a book I recently read, Paradigm Shift: 7 Realities of Success in the New Economy, there is a chapter titled, “Mentors … Read more

2 simple things I did to increase my daily productivity

Why would you want to increase your productivity? I’m sure you could come up with a couple different reasons to be more productive, and there isn’t any one right answer because we’re all at different stages in life and focused on different goals. However, I had two distinctive reasons why I wanted to be more … Read more

Tips for Starting a WordPress Support Business

When I started in the web development industry, 7+ years ago, providing clients with support and maintenance services was a lot of work. And beyond the amount of work, it was hard to get clients to appreciate the value enough to pay a price that made the work worth it. I sometimes hoped they would get … Read more

Focus on what you’re good at and find partners to handle the rest

I recently received an email, similar to ones I have received in the past, it went something like this: “I just wanted to let you know, I was recently laid-off from my job at ABC Company and decided to start my own writing business. I’ll be providing services like copy writing, content strategizing, social media … Read more

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