How to Fix Briefly Unavailable for Scheduled Maintenance WordPress

In this article, I’ll explain what typically causes this “Briefly Unavailable for Schedule Maintenance. Check back soon.” message in WordPress and show you how-to easily resolve the issue. This is what it looks like: Done-For-You Option Want me to fix this and other website issues for you!? If you’d rather not take the time to … Read more

Fix Error Establishing Database Connection WordPress

This is a very common WordPress error message. In this article I will address the three main causes and how to resolve each of them. Incorrect Database Login Credentials Database is Corrupted Hosting Issue and the Database Server is Down What is the Error Establishing a Database Connection? WordPress is dependent on a database. All … Read more

How to Fix: Fatal Error… for WordPress Websites

If you just visited your WordPress website and saw a scary Fatal Error message that looks something like this: Don’t panic! I’m going to show you the easiest way to diagnose and solve this problem. Need a Done-for-You Option? Let’s Diagnose This! This error is usually a result of a plugin or theme. As indicated … Read more

How to Fix: ‘Upload folder is not writable’ WordPress

This error is commonly seen when trying to upload media or plugins and themes. The error message may also read, “Unable to create directory…” Most of the time, when I see this issue, it’s after a site has been moved, migrated from a developer to your account or moved from one host to another. Here’s … Read more

Fix WordPress White Screen of Death

The WordPress White Screen of Death!! You visit your site but all you see is a white page. Don’t worry or freak out! This is a pretty common WordPress error. You refreshed your website after updating your themes and/or plugins and now you see just a white screen. This does NOT mean your site is … Read more

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