Migrating Your Website to Cloudways: A Simplified Step-by-Step Guide

Ensuring your website’s performance, security, and reliability is paramount. One way to achieve this is by choosing a trusted hosting platform like Cloudways. If you’ve decided to make the move but are unsure of the migration process, you’re in the right place! Here, we’ll walk you through the steps to seamlessly migrate your website to … Read more

Why Cloudways is the Premier Choice for High-Traffic WordPress Websites

In today’s digital age, having a fast, reliable website isn’t just a luxury; it’s a necessity. As your online presence grows and traffic surges, the demand on your website intensifies. If your hosting platform isn’t up to the task, you could face slow loading times, crashes, and a host of other issues that deter visitors … Read more

WP Engine Launches New WordPress Page Builder ‘Genesis Pro’

In this article I’ll share behind the scenes look at this new Page Builder, Genesis Pro, and some insights into what I think WP Engine and the Genesis team are doing to enhance the use of Gutenberg and the StudioPress themes. Ok Look. let’s talk about the elephant in the post first. Yes, I’m a … Read more

WordPress Black Friday and Cyber Monday Codes [2019]

Alright, so this information usually gets out to my mailing list, but this year I decided to list all the best WordPress Black Friday and Cyber Monday SALES on my site. I’ve separated products up by category to make it easy to see what type of WordPress related deals are out there right now. Keep … Read more

Tips for hosting clients WordPress websites…profitably!

In this article I’ll discuss some pros and cons to hosting client sites. I’ll also share strategies on how to do hosting, but more importantly how to do it with high profitability. If you’re building WordPress websites you have a really good opportunity to generate monthly recurring revenue by offering to host your clients website. … Read more

Fix Error Establishing Database Connection WordPress

This is a very common WordPress error message. In this article I will address the three main causes and how to resolve each of them. Incorrect Database Login Credentials Database is Corrupted Hosting Issue and the Database Server is Down What is the Error Establishing a Database Connection? WordPress is dependent on a database. All … Read more

WordPress Starter Stack: Plugins, Themes, Hosting, Security, Training, Support

It’s been over 10 years now since I started using WordPress. In that time I have developed a list of resources and solutions that can help you get started with WordPress and running a business online, with the intent on cutting out some of the initial frustration. In this WordPress Starter Stack resource list, you’ll … Read more

The WordPress Hosting Dilemma

Whether you’re launching your first site, or looking for a better hosting solution for your WordPress website, this video holds all the answers. What I’ll Discuss in this Video: The Overall Hosting Dilemma A Hosting Provider Checklist My Tested and Approved Solution My Recommended Solution: Other Managed WordPress Hosting: FlyWheel (not using but have researched and … Read more

WordPress Hosting: Why not GoDaddy?

This topic, website hosting dilemma, comes up with every client I’ve ever worked with. Now available: Managed WordPress Hosting and What to Expect an updated view of WordPress hosting and the pitfalls of GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting. And the discussion usually starts with GoDaddy. Let’s be honest, the prices are appealing and their probably the better … Read more

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