5 tips to properly add an SSL certificate to your WordPress website

In this article I’ll discuss why adding an SSL certificate to your WordPress website doesn’t guarantee that it will be setup correctly or that Google will know you have one. I’ll also reveal the two simplest ways to get your SSL installed and working correctly on your WordPress site. With all the buzz around the … Read more

What WebPros Need to Know About SSL Certificates

If you’re a WebPro, doing freelance web design, WordPress support or doing agency work like marketing, hosting, etc… and you’re not pushing SSL certificates on your clients you are doing them a huge disservice! Your clients MUST have an SSL now, period! It doesn’t matter if they have a basic informational website, it is the … Read more

Why You Should Add SSL (https) to Your Website

You’ve probably heard by now, that recent changes to the Google Algorithm now value sites with SSL encryption more than sites without it. Let’s look at what an SSL certificate is and the two main reasons every website should have one, and it’s even more important than search engine optimization. See end of post for WP Engine … Read more

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