WooCommerce Hosted Solution from GoDaddy

In this article I will discuss this WooCommerce hosted solution built by GoDaddy. I’ll review the product, discuss how it compares to the alternatives, introduce you to other solutions, and address the biggest question, ‘should you even consider using GoDaddy’s product?’. Before we get into the specific product, or any similar products, I want to … Read more

GoDaddy’s Reseller Hosting

In this article I’m going to introduce you to GoDaddy’s new Reseller Hosting package, but more importantly, I’ll share the four secret ingredients that are required for leverage to be applied. Without these four things, you will cut into your profits, and in most cases lose money. Not to mention the potential risk of insanity! … Read more

Tips for hosting clients WordPress websites…profitably!

In this article I’ll discuss some pros and cons to hosting client sites. I’ll also share strategies on how to do hosting, but more importantly how to do it with high profitability. If you’re building WordPress websites you have a really good opportunity to generate monthly recurring revenue by offering to host your clients website. … Read more

How to Migrate Your WordPress Website with cPanel Installatron

When you’re migrating your WordPress website to another domain or hosting provider that is using cPanel, using the Installatron feature is the easiest way to get it done. If you are migrating to a new hosting account, you’ll need to first setup cPanel, which your hosting provider should have a tutorial for. If you’re migrating your … Read more

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