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WP Engine Launches New WordPress Page Builder ‘Genesis Pro’

In this article I’ll share behind the scenes look at this new Page Builder, Genesis Pro, and some insights into what I think WP Engine and the Genesis team are doing to enhance the use of Gutenberg and the StudioPress themes.

Ok Look. let’s talk about the elephant in the post first.

Yes, I’m a hosting snob. I believe WP Engine is the only hosting you should use for WordPress websites.

Yes, When the Genesis Framework launch in 2010 or something like that it save my business and enabled me to make a lot of money.

Based on this info, you might conclude that I am biased in my opinion, and you’d be right. But for good reason, these two companies/products are brilliant.

What is Genesis Pro

In the most simplest of words, it is a page builder.

However, what makes it unique is that it was built for Gutenberg.

This is important, essentially it is a WordPress plugin but if you host with WP Engine, it can be installed on your site as a hosting add-on.

If you want to move your site to WP Engine, you can get three months free here.

Here’s a quick look:

Video Source:

The Genesis Framework has been onboard with WordPress and Gutenberg from the start. They have converted several of their themes to support blocks.

WP Engine is responsible for the Genesis Blocks and Genesis Custom Blocks plugins, which adds a ton of ready to use blocks and layouts to your page editor, but also enable you to easily create your own blocks!

That said they have been doing a bunch of stuff to make using WordPress’ new core editor easier and more accessible, and Genesis Pro is the next level!

Don’t want to read this article? Check out Genesis Pro here!

Here’s a video of me installing Genesis Pro onto one of my staging sites.

The end of this video featured a comparison to the Atomic Blocks plugin, which I believe was the foundation for this new page builder.

A behind the scenes look

In this video I’ll show you a little of what is available in the new Genesis Pro page builder and how it works.

If you don’t hear anything. It’s because there is no sound in this video 😉

Here’s what is currently available in this new page builder.

  • 38 Ready to use Sections
  • 22 Ready to use Layouts
  • 17 Custom Blocks

You might be wondering what the difference is between a layout, a section and a block so let me quickly explain.

A layout is a pre designed and built page. Usually made up of several different sections of content. This is the easiest way to setup and launch a new page. Use a pre existing layout and just swap the text and images with yours

A section is what layouts are made of. These are also pre designed and built ready for you to swap out your text and images. So you might have a section that is specifically for testimonials, images, text and images, call to actions, and the list goes on.

A block is what each section is made of. These are also pre designed and ready for you to drop and use. For example, you may want to add a new call to action to one of your existing section, but not want to create a whole new section. In this case you would simply add a call to action block to you section, drop in your text and links and you’re done!

What’s the Point?

Like any page builder, Genesis Pro is here to make your life easier.

Instead of starting from a blank canvas, you’re able to use a preexisting design and tailor it to fit your needs.

It will save time and in some cases reduce cost.

The best part, it leverages WordPress core function so there is no need to worry about future compatibility and issues with a completely custom page builder like Elementor.

FYI … It’s Not Free

As I mentioned this is available through WP Engine hosting accounts, as an add-on tool.

However you can also buy a subscription to the plugin at StudioPress here.

But if you are going to use Genesis, StudioPress, and Gutenberg, then you might as well host with WP Engine.

For a WP Engine hosting plan that starts at $30/month/site, you also get access to the Genesis framework, all of the StudioPress child themes, and now for just an additional $30/month/site you can add the Genesis Pro page builder.

Or you could get 3 Months of hosting FREE with this link (discount code applied automatically):

Here is a One Time offer!

If you decided that you want to switch to WP Engine to take advantage of all this greatness, we will migrate 1 website for free!

To qualify, you must use our link to purchase your plan, and provide use with your order receipt and access to your WP Engine account.

For any additional websites you want to migrate we will discount our $99 migration fee to $79/site.

To take advantage of this deal, after setting up your WP Engine account, please email help[at] with the details.

4 thoughts on “WP Engine Launches New WordPress Page Builder ‘Genesis Pro’”

    • Yeah man! It’s still a work in progress but it’s built of the core block editor making it the better option over elementor!

      They also have the plugin to make building custom blocks easier.

      Genesis is moving on the right direction for sure!

    • Hi Sandra, yes we pretty much just use Genesis Pro now. However it is not as advances as Elementor, so if you’re not comfortable with creating your own blocks and doing some custom coding, Elementor might be the better option.


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