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Your websites homepage: Does it have the right focus?

Have you ever visited a website that overwhelmed you because of all the “stuff” on the homepage? When I visit a website, and see that the homepage is set to “information overload” I don’t tend to stick around very long.

The thing is, many people think they need to fill the homepage with as much information as possible. They feel that by doing this, something is bound to stick out and more people are going to find something they are interested in. But the reality is, more people leave the website because the massive amounts of information is overwhelming and the clutter causes frustration.

So what should be the focus of your homepage?

First thing you need to know. Your homepage should direct your website visitors to take specific action and do the things you want them to do. Throwing a bunch of information at them and hoping something sticks is a bad idea. By properly arranging your homepage you can dictate how your visitors will engage, what they do, and what they will see.

There are two key things to think about when putting information on your homepage.

  • Focus #1: Your primary message
  • Focus #2: Your secondary message

What is your primary message? What is the first thing you want/need people to know, see, read, watch, or do when they visit your homepage? Your primary message does not need to be about your company and the services or products you sell. It can be a video, or a free e-guide or e-book download. Maybe you want your primary focus to be the experience your visitors will have when they visit your store or eat at your restaurant. In which case, you may showcase this experience by posting images or videos of people experiencing your store or restaurant.

What is your secondary message? It’s the second most important thing you want your visitors to see or do. If your primary message is to get people to start experiencing your restaurant, then you will want you secondary message to showcase your menu. Continue to give them the experience they will have when they come to your restaurant. Get their mouth-watering!

When putting information on your homepage, keep it simple, but be sure your primary and secondary messages are clear. Also, keep the amount of content to a minimum! Overwhelming your visitors will only increase your bounce rate!

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