Fast WordPress Themes – Recommendation

In this article I want to unpack what makes a Fast WordPress Theme, why you want to use one, and provide you with a solid example. If you’re uninterested in the details and just want to know what WordPress theme I recommend here it is: 3 Fast WordPress Theme Must Haves Not all themes are … Read more

A Bad Mobile Experience is Costing You Customers!

Do you use your mobile phone to browse the web, look up info on businesses, research products and services, or read email? Did you know, 53% of adult cell phone owners use it to access the Internet? And the reason the majority of adult cell phone owners use their mobile phone to access the Internet … Read more

Increase Your Click Through Rate by 200% with buttons!

“[Using] buttons, as opposed to text, provide upward of a 200 percent higher CTR (click through rate).” What is the difference and how does it look? Text CTA: Click Here to Download Button CTA: Click Here to Download I’m going to show you how you can easily start using buttons on your WordPress website or … Read more

Why Should Your Business Have A Website?

There are only 3 reasons why your business should have a website. As a recommendation: if your website isn’t optimized for these 3 things, you need to make a change in 2013. Improving your website in 2013 can help you grow your business smarter, and more efficiently. 1. Add Value to the Marketplace This is … Read more

Improving School Websites in 2012

I decided to write this article about a recent consultation I had because it can be of value to many schools. I’ve realized that schools are trying to do more to engage with parents. They are trying to make it easier for teachers, students, and parents to interact and stay connected. If you’re a parent … Read more

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