Migrating to GoDaddy Managed WordPress

If you’re trying to move to GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress hosting solution and you’ve tried the auto migration but it keeps failing here’s what you do next. If you have NOT tried the auto migration, go here to try that first! Side note: GoDaddy does offer a “tutorial” here, but just following it requires a level … Read more

How to Increase WordPress Memory Limit

Do you need to increase your WordPress memory limit? Did you try uploading a plugin or theme and get a message like this… Fatal error: Allowed memory size of [some number] bytes exhausted Depending on your hosting provider and environment there are a couple ways to resolve this issue. However, the solution is the same, you … Read more

WordPress and the cPanel Installatron

Lately, I’ve had several customers contact me because they’re installing WordPress with the cPanel Installatron tool and I’ve got to say, I’ve been quite impressed with what you can actually do with it. These recent support request got me curious enough to spend some time playing with Installatron and really testing its limits. In this … Read more

Managed WordPress Hosting and What to Expect

Over the past couple of years, it seems like every hosting company has launched a hosting plan for WordPress users. Some have created new environments intended to support the resource requirements and security necessities WordPress demands, others just create an illusion of Managed WordPress hosting by putting a new product name on their site, “WordPress Hosting” … Read more

The WordPress Hosting Dilemma

Whether you’re launching your first site, or looking for a better hosting solution for your WordPress website, this video holds all the answers. What I’ll Discuss in this Video: The Overall Hosting Dilemma A Hosting Provider Checklist My Tested and Approved Solution My Recommended Solution: Other Managed WordPress Hosting: FlyWheel (not using but have researched and … Read more

WordPress Hosting with WP Engine

Many of our clients want to know what website hosting solution they should use. And until recently, I was always a bit hesitant to offer any suggestions. Only because so many of the hosting providers are unreliable. For the past 14 months, we’ve been using Rackspace Cloud Servers for our websites and some clients sites, … Read more

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