Website Downtime: How much do you really have?

Do you have website downtime? Do you know when your website is down and unavailable to your customers and potential customers? Did you answer No, or I don’t know? You probably do, but your not likely sitting at your computer staring at your website and clicking refresh every minute to make sure your website is … Read more

Hacked WordPress Site? Read this NOW!

In the last seven days (at the time if this writing) I’ve helped a total of ten clients get their hacked WordPress site back online after hackers made a mess with malware and other redirects. In some cases it’s a simple process … Just run Sucuri’s Website Malware Removal tool through the site and it will … Read more

Migrating to GoDaddy Managed WordPress

If you’re trying to move to GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress hosting solution and you’ve tried the auto migration but it keeps failing here’s what you do next. If you have NOT tried the auto migration, go here to try that first! Side note: GoDaddy does offer a “tutorial” here, but just following it requires a level … Read more

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