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Freelancers! Leverage is the unfair advantage to increasing your profits!

In this article, I’ll teach you what leverage is, and how you as a Freelancer can use leverage to grow your profits without increasing your work load. I first learned about leverage from a book written by Robert Kiyosaki called The Cashflow Quadrant. In the book Kiyosaki talks about using “Other Peoples Money” (OPM) to …

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Using WordPress as a solution in your business? You’re in the software business, but do you support it?

You’re in the software business! That’s what I realized a few years ago after spending a decade building service businesses around WordPress. While it’s true, I didn’t actually “create” WordPress, because it’s open source, and I’m introducing it to my clients, it’s now my responsibility to provide some level of support for that software. You …

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