WooCommerce Hosted Solution from GoDaddy

In this article I will discuss this WooCommerce hosted solution built by GoDaddy. I’ll review the product, discuss how it compares to the alternatives, introduce you to other solutions, and address the biggest question, ‘should you even consider using GoDaddy’s product?’. Before we get into the specific product, or any similar products, I want to …

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WooCommerce Payments, What You Need To Know

At first glance, this new WooCommerce Payments feature sounds like an all new payment processor exclusively for WooCommerce stores. Mainly because that is exactly how it has been positioned and marketed. Payments made simple, with no monthly fees – designed exclusively for WooCommerce stores. WooCommerce Some Details Woo has highlighted these two aspects of it’s …

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Update: The Exchange WordPress eCommerce Plugin is NOW Ninja Shop

In this article, I’ll share some insights and behind the scenes details about the soon to be rebranded and rereleased ExchangeWP eCommerce plugin for WordPress! This article is an update to a previous article I wrote about the first failed take over of the former iThemes Exchange plugin. Shortly after writing my original article, I …

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