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WP Engine and LifterLMS Team Up – But Before Your Signup Read This

You have several options when it comes to launching an online course, and after having built and supported sites using these different options I was excited to hear the news about WP Engine and LifterLMS. Initially, I had planned on writing a completely different article. My original working title was, ... Read more

Should You Delete The 20something Themes?

Every year since 2010, there has been a new theme released with a WordPress core update. Unfortunately, there is no mechanism that automatically removes these old themes. So while it is now 2020, it is very possible that you will have several old themes sitting around that you don’t need. ... Read more

Using Elementor with Genesis Child Themes

I’m writing this article because I’ve been getting a lot of questions about using Elementor with the Genesis Framework after writing an article titled, Why I Started Using the Elementor WordPress Page Builder Plugin. People want to know if Elementor will work with any of the Genesis Framework child themes. ... Read more

The Best WordPress Security Plugin

There are several ways to secure and protect a WordPress website, however, if you prefer to use a WordPress plugin, we recommend iThemes Security. Keep reading to find out why. You might be thinking, ‘why would anyone want to hack my site?’. Seeing Can Be believing I’d recommend that you ... Read more

Fix: Unable to Change User Roles in Multisite

After migrating a sub site from one WordPress multisite to another, I wasn’t able to change user roles after adding the existing users to the new install. Fortunately, the solution to fixing this is pretty simple. What You’ll Need Multisite Super Admin Privileges Access to the Database files (phpmyadmin) Before ... Read more

Fast WordPress Themes – Recommendation

In this article I want to unpack what makes a Fast WordPress Theme, why you want to use one, and provide you with a solid example. If you’re uninterested in the details and just want to know what WordPress theme I recommend here it is: 3 Fast WordPress Theme Must ... Read more

WooCommerce Payments, What You Need To Know

At first glance, this new WooCommerce Payments feature sounds like an all new payment processor exclusively for WooCommerce stores. Mainly because that is exactly how it has been positioned and marketed. Payments made simple, with no monthly fees – designed exclusively for WooCommerce stores. WooCommerce Some Details Woo has highlighted ... Read more

Learn WordPress With These Resources

While the WordPress platform is pretty easy to learn and use, it doesn’t hurt to have a list of resources that will help you get a jumpstart on learning to better use your new website platform. Being a visual learner, I’ve always found the WordPress video tutorials the best option, ... Read more

WP Engine Launches New WordPress Page Builder ‘Genesis Pro’

In this article I’ll share behind the scenes look at this new Page Builder, Genesis Pro, and some insights into what I think WP Engine and the Genesis team are doing to enhance the use of Gutenberg and the StudioPress themes. Ok Look. let’s talk about the elephant in the ... Read more

Can WooCommerce and Stripe Increase Conversions?

Last week I got an email from WooCommerce about the “complete payments platform, engineered for growth”. Their suggestion is that you can increase conversions by using Stripe and WooCommerce. Best part about this solution is WooCommerce and the Stripe add-on are free plugins. My problem with this email and the ... Read more

ConvertKit’s Free Plan…Turning a failure into success

In this article I’m going to share a few things we can learn from ConvertKit’s recent roll out of their free plan. It was a couple weeks ago now, but the lessons are worth documenting because they’ve helped us avoid a couple similar mistakes in our efforts to improve our ... Read more

WordPress Black Friday and Cyber Monday Codes [2019]

Alright, so this information usually gets out to my mailing list, but this year I decided to list all the best WordPress Black Friday and Cyber Monday SALES on my site. I’ve separated products up by category to make it easy to see what type of WordPress related deals are ... Read more

Mailchimp’s Website Builder…?

In this article, I want to address this new website builder form Mailchimp. Is this the right direction, are there really enough benefits to take their focus off email with a new “kinda related” software offering? Mailchimp’s Website Builder You read that right!! I received this email (pictured below) from ... Read more

How to fix mixed content in Elementor built websites

In this article, you’ll learn (in 2 steps) how to fixed mixed content caused when adding an SSL or https to websites built with the Elementor WordPress plugin. Most page builders have this issue. And if you’re a web developer or designer building sites for clients, you often use a ... Read more

GoDaddy’s Reseller Hosting

In this article I’m going to introduce you to GoDaddy’s new Reseller Hosting package, but more importantly, I’ll share the four secret ingredients that are required for leverage to be applied. Without these four things, you will cut into your profits, and in most cases lose money. Not to mention ... Read more

How to Fix Briefly Unavailable for Scheduled Maintenance WordPress

In this article, I’ll explain what typically causes this “Briefly Unavailable for Schedule Maintenance. Check back soon.” message in WordPress and show you how-to easily resolve the issue. This is what it looks like: Done-For-You Option Want me to fix this and other website issues for you!? If you’d rather ... Read more

Using WordPress Site Health Check for Website Support

In this article I’ll share the details on Site Health Check, it’s features, benefits, why it matters, how to use it, and how to extend its power to help you better manage your and your clients websites. What is Site Health Check Now part of WordPress core, with the release ... Read more

Selling Subscriptions on WordPress Website…The Simple Way!

In this article I’ll discuss what I have found to be the Simple way of selling services and subscriptions from a WordPress website. I will revel the exact solution I have been using for the past year (with no issues) and it only takes about 20 minutes to set up. ... Read more

WordPress Editor Updating Failed [SOLVED]

In this article I’ll show you some possible fixes for the error “Updating Failed” in the WordPress page and post editor. This issue can be caused by different situations, and I am keeping this post updated as we discover more causes. At the time of this update, we have identified ... Read more

Tips for hosting clients WordPress websites…profitably!

In this article I’ll discuss some pros and cons to hosting client sites. I’ll also share strategies on how to do hosting, but more importantly how to do it with high profitability. If you’re building WordPress websites you have a really good opportunity to generate monthly recurring revenue by offering ... Read more

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